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Appendix carry

Darren on why he’s not a fan. He says that it’s masochistic. Me, I’m more afraid of shooting my dick off.

Todd nails it:

If it doesnít work for you, donít do it. But donít be so silly as to tell many of us that itís not working for us when we seem to go about our days all over the country in every imaginable mode of dress and every imaginable environment carrying every imaginable gun comfortably and discreetly.

Carry what works.

7 Responses to “Appendix carry”

  1. tincankilla Says:

    i suspect that appendix carry is more comfortable for those with a thinner build and no belly. probably far more about body type and fitness than anything else…

  2. Matthew Carberry Says:

    Still can’t figure how you sit down without the barrel punching into your thigh. Especially the guys who carry full-size guns.

    They don’t seem to be wearing high-waisted pants…

  3. Allen Says:

    Maybe I’m a freak, but, it works for me. And comfortable.

  4. Adam Lawson Says:

    Best carry is probably much like best caliber.

    “Which one is your favorite? NOT THAT ONE!”

    I’m too fat for AIWB. Being left handed, I tend to carry near my left back pocket. But I’d rather everyone else carry the way they’re comfortable.

    Though, admittedly, as time goes on the idea of (gulp) open carry is starting to appeal to me.

  5. Shrimp Says:

    I don’t care what caliber of gun you carry.
    I don’t care how you carry it.
    I don’t care where on your body that you carry it.

    Just carry.

  6. Linoge Says:

    Seems as though the firearms community, at least in a few specific instances, has some real trouble with the second sentence in that blockquote. In fact, I seem to recall Todd himself having some trouble with it, on an entirely different topic.

    Oh well. It’s a good sentiment, regardless.

  7. KM Says:

    how difficult it is to draw from appendix against a determined adversary in a physical fight

    If you are trying to draw against a “determined adversary in a physical fight” and you are NOT earning your draw by punching throats, kicking parts that hurt or digging eyes, you are already a dumb ass.
    You’re behind the curve…badly behind.

    Thinking that somewhere on your body is better than somewhere else is foolish when you haven’t *created* the space or position to draw in the first place.