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ATF: Making it up as they go

ATF has revised a ruling on AR-15 lower receivers as guns. Now, they are not. Odd since millions and millions around the country have that part serialized.

Looking at the original piece by CNN, it seems that the feds dropped the case because they knew it would undermine gun control efforts. And prove that ATF guidance often doesn’t comply with existing law (ahem, bumpstocks, ahem).

And Trump just said they can’t do that.

One Response to “ATF: Making it up as they go”

  1. Chris Says:

    >> ATF has revised a ruling…

    Have they??? Actually, they got the dude to admit guilt as part of the plea but then stipulate that everything gets forgotten a year from now so long as he stays out of trouble. Behind the scenes, they are acknowledging a *potential* issue but I don’t see yet where they are revising their position on AR lowers – not that it isn’t beyond them.

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