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Weapons of war

That term includes shotguns.

5 Responses to “Weapons of war”

  1. mikee Says:

    Way back in the era of GHW Bush, when preparations were being made to invade Kuwait to drive out Iraqi invaders, CBS News had a film clip that it played as an introduction for every single news story about the upcoming military engagement. And that clip was just a Marine guard at some base in the desert, sweating in his T-shirt, balancing on his hip a Winchester Model 1897 trench gun, bayonet lug and all, as if he was gonna single-handedly repel the forces of Kaiser Wilhelm. Iconic, and probably gave the Marines at the base a good laugh if they ever saw it on TV.

  2. KM Says:

    Weapons of War! is the current mantra.
    It’s hard to picture some type of gun (revolver, pistol, shotgun, bolt action, muzzleloader) that at one point wasn’t standard issue somewhere at some time.

  3. rickn8or Says:

    KM, if you want to see some surprises as to what was standard issue on both sides of the conflich a century ago, check out C & Arsenal on YouTube.

  4. mike w. Says:

    My grandpa by marriage carried a revolver when he as in the USAF. I think he may have even been issued one as late as Desert Storm flying cargo planes

  5. Lyle Says:

    A knife is a weapon of war too, as is a shovel.

    You know what else is a weapon of war? Attacking the right to keep and bear arms. Every authoritarian government has done it. When a politician or government employee questions your right to keep and bear arms, he’s using a weapon of war against you.