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Colt getting out of the civilian AR market

The AP reported it. And internet gun people were complaining that Colt is abandoning principles or whatever. Well, if you read Colt’s release on the issue, it’s for business purposes.

Translated for you: Gun people are cheap and are buying other cheaper derp tier guns and not ours at a price we like. We’re out.

4 Responses to “Colt getting out of the civilian AR market”

  1. JTC Says:

    Love my little light cheap MP15’s so I have added another whenever the price goes sub-500 and now have four (also reference your recent posts re ammo availability and parts guns).

    Anyway when a vendor ran a promo on flat earth LE6920’s a couple months ago I picked one up for under 750. I’ve always liked a lot of things about Colts but mostly earlier revolvers and Gold Cups, but this AR was overweight and comparably overpriced even on sale. So I flipped it to a friend for 1000 after suppliers price was back to 1100. Guess I could have waited for this announcement and gotten more (don’t know how much more but they are out of stock at the usual online places). Still, I remember not being that impressed with their AR platform during my dealer days and I still ain’t so good riddance.

    And don’t be so quick to let them hide behind their mil/popo only claim, they can make enough to serve that market and the public too but they are known to try to pick up a few gov brownie points by dicking the common man, so fuck them.

    Any Colt products I buy going forward will be early ones, same as I won’t buy Gov Motors vehicles anymore even though 50’s 60’s and some 70’s Chevies are the best American iron ever made. Same difference. Sad.

  2. TassoRampante Says:

    Prediction: Colt stays out of the AR game until the value of a used 6920 starts to appreciate among the collector class, then returns with fanfare to squeeze the profits like a python.

  3. Bigus Macus Says:

    Didn’t they do this once before and then lost their military contract to FN? And then had to file for Chapter 11.

  4. JTC Says:

    “…squeeze the profits like a python.”

    That’s pretty funny right there Tasso. 🙂