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In common use

A federal appeals court has upheld Cook County’s ban on weapons that look like assault rifles.

2 Responses to “In common use”

  1. mikee Says:

    Back in 2004 when the AWB ended, I found a clearance sale Hogue black rubber folding stock for a Ruger 10/22. I had a 10/22. Now I have an assault 10/22, complete with “bananana magazine clips” of 25 rounds for that totally evil black rifle look.

    It is still a fun plinker, even though I don’t even have a bayonet for it, let alone a shoulder thing that goes up. I kept the original stock for when the stupidity of it catches up with the fun.

  2. Jailer Says:

    And just because it “may” make people feel better we must ban all the guns. Basing legal decisions on feelings.

    So the next time I fill up my truck and I swipe my credit card beside the card reader and give the appearance that I’m paying for my gas I’m good to go?