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From the land down under

A frustrated vegan woman from Perth has taken her neighbours to court over the meat and smoke smells wafting into her backyard.

Oh, fuck off.

10 Responses to “From the land down under”

  1. Huck Says:

    I had a vegan neighbor when I was living in Crazyfornia who was endlessly on my case because she claimed that she could smell the meat I was cooking and it “nauseated” her. She had the gall to demand that I stop cooking meat.
    She went to the apartment manager and demanded that I be evicted and once actually called the cops!(I think that the cop was hard pressed to keep from laughing in her face) BTW, there was no way that she could have been “overwhelmed” by cooking oders since I was in the apartment ABOVE hers.

  2. Raptor Says:

    And my one vegan friend can’t understand why I despise vegans.

    In her (and my) defense, she is the only sane – well, maybe “the least insane” would be a better descriptor – vegan that I have ever met.

  3. Skip Says:

    My granddaughter is a vegan. She don’t give a shit what anyone else eats. Takes me to a steakhouse and has a salad.

  4. Ellen Says:

    I know a few vegetarians, but thank the gods, no vegans.

  5. Heath J Says:

    I live next to a guy that semi professionally caters, and it’s a joy when the smoker is going.

    May she get neighbors like him forever.

  6. kurt Says:

    I’m probably one of the most easy going neighbors anyone could ask for. However someone like that would inspire me to grill every meal I ate until they packed up and left. I’d go full keto and have all god’s lil creatures over for a feast. I’d be up at the crack o’ dawn (and I hate mornings) to cook sausage and bacon, arteries be damned. ‘Course I live in a small east Texas town and if there are any vegans they keep a low profile.

  7. Gerry Says:

    She is way past being a vegan and into crazy lady of the year. Kids making noise while playing? Put her on an island with Wilson and everyone will have some peace and quiet.

  8. ExpatNJ Says:

    Vegans? You haven’t seen ANYTHING yet!

    Bernie Sanders signals he’s open to a ‘Meat Tax’

    (BTW, Burger King now has a ‘veggie’-Whopper. It is more expensive than a meat-Whopper).

  9. emdfl Says:

    This happened in Australia. Just heard on the radio that roughly 3000 locals have turned up by her place, brought their barbies, and plan on having an outdoor barbeque fest.

  10. Lyle Says:

    Yeah, that’s not a vegan. That’s a person who’s criminally insane. You eat what you want to eat, and I’ll eat what I want to eat, and there’s no conflict whatsoever. It’s when one of us tries to coerce the other that we have a problem.

    I’ve cut most animal products out of my diet, not because I believe in “animal rights” or any dumb horseshit like that, but because more plant protein and less animal protein is better for a person.

    Still; I enjoy the smell of BBQ and such.

    Then there’s the psychotic religion which says animal husbandry (cow farts and such) is destroying the planet. That’s the deadly belief system that got the Bundy ranch raided, eventually leading to shots fired, and killing.

    So we have a Hegelian Dialectic in play; psychotic, militant vegans, and cow-fart alarmists, verses the rebels-at-heart who will eat more unhealthily just to spite the crazies (fighting crazy with crazy). So it’s a war of the diets, in which good health practice gets ignored in favor of the religion of allegiance politics. It thus becomes impossible to be reasonable without being attacked by one political alliance or the other– The truth is shrouded in bullshit and overwhelmed by fervent emotion, virtue signaling, and eventually threats, from both sides.

    Welcome to the New Age movement, the New World Order. Ally yourself with a camp of dupes, favoring coercion, and stick with it until it kills someone.