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When Everything Is Racist, Nothing Is

Calls of racism or calling people racist seem, in recent years, to have lost a lot of meaning. It seems to me that even those who regularly accuse others of racism have figured this out and instead of calling people that they now resort to “white supremacist” or “what nationalist”.

I’m sure if you counted the number of actual white nationalists/supremacists in the nation, it wouldn’t even fill a Spin Doctors show.

3 Responses to “Truth”

  1. mikee Says:

    I, for one, as an irredeemable, inherent, unconscious racist (as defined solely by my skin color, humorously enough) sexist (as defined solely by my genetic makeup, humorously enough) and privileged member of the 1% (based on my wife’s earnings, thank God), find that laughing at the charges levied against peopel will work wonders to diminish their effects.

    See, here’s how I know the Racism!, Sexism! Privilege! charges are just a pitiful attempt at censorship and a power grab. If the charges were at all true, the accusers would tremble in fear of reprisals from such irredeemably horrible persons as they describe. They don’t fear reprisals. They know they are inanely assaulting innocent people, and they are depending on those innocent people NOT to act like they are accused of acting, for the charade to work.

  2. Ron W Says:

    Well-said, mikee!!

  3. Poobie Says:

    To be fair, the number of spin doctors fans left in the US probably wouldnt fill a spin doctors show at this point… 😛