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But he’s good on guns

Trump looks to be open to universal background checks and red flag laws.


7 Responses to “But he’s good on guns”

  1. ExpatNJ Says:

    Trump’s waffling is approaching the level of Bush The Elder’s spasmodic pancake-flipping.

    No doubt, DT’s [initials chosen purposedly; DT might be the one who needs a mental health assessment, not gun-owners] comments will give birth to a new round of debate as whom to vote for in 2020.

    Through it all, I shall this: TINVOWOOT.

  2. Ravenwood Says:

    I’m holding out hope that it’s a tactic. Trump has used it before on numerous other issues. He takes the Dem position and then pivots after the issue is more diffused.

  3. Phillip Says:

    That link goes to a blog that doesn’t exist anymore.

  4. JTC Says:

    “…he’s good on guns”

    Yes. In considering the near-death experience and head-on collision that was -and is- the alternative, I absolutely agree.

    I do very much hope he will have explained to him that the historical, Constitutional, and specifically exempted access to the National Public Armory known as universal background checks and shrouded in false narrative as closing the gun show and internet loopholes, is not the same as the specific and fairly innocuous -but still slippery-slope worrisome- reclassification of junk stock accessories and even red flag laws.

    While the stocks have little practical effect but set a very undesirable precedent, and red flag laws are subject to being adjusted to target potentially violent individuals whose actions hurt us beyond description (but of course said adjustment being in the hands of gov is extremely problematic), removing an exemption from regulation of a cherished freedom of every single law-abiding and Constitutionally protected gun owner and is absolutely an end-around agenda to achieve de facto registration and to vulnerability to confiscation.

    Big, Yuge, Incredible, Amazing difference there President Trump. Get educated about that distinction and its ramifications, and stop that shit cold.

  5. tincankilla Says:

    onlygunsandmoney has been shut down by Google

  6. mikee Says:

    What would be the best way to make gun rights a positive campaign issue, rather than having to be defensive when the Left confounds legal gun owners with mass murderers?

    Obama was brilliant at his strawman bullshit, selling the idea that legal gun owners were just a bad morning away from becoming mass murderers. It almost worked with Fast & Furious.

    What can we do to be on the offense, not defense?

  7. Lyle Says:

    Again I point to Trump’s inauguration speech. Everyone should find it in text form and Fisk it. Forget who it came from and just Fisk it. I assert that the speech could serve as a textbook example of a combination of National Socialism and Fascism, i.e. Romanism.