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Pants shitting hysterics

So, the man whose job I want, Gordon Ramsay, is under fire for shooting a goat. This apparently caused “outrage” by those who are always outraged any way. I watched the episode. New Zealand doesn’t have archaic suppressor laws and the rifle he used was equipped with one. Cool. However, he did not have any eye protection. Uncool.

8 Responses to “Pants shitting hysterics”

  1. Jailer Says:

    Goats in New Zealand are synonymous with deer in the US. They are everywhere and hunted frequently to keep the population in check and provide sustenance. They are food. This is really a non issue except for the whiney ass liberal animal lovers who think we should eat nothing but plants.

  2. Robert Says:

    Goats in New Zealand are synonymous with deer in the US.

    More like feral hogs. Goats are not a native species to New Zealand, unlike deer in the US. NZ has no native land mammals.

  3. Jerry Gibbs Says:

    Just what did the goat do. Just say’n, I mean.

  4. Joe Says:

    @Uncle: He was hunting, and it was a bolt action. I dont really see the lack of eye pro as a problem.

    @TheOutraged: Put down your steak before you lash out. All meat has to die before you eat it.

    These people are moronic.

  5. Dwight Brown Says:

    What gun for goat?

  6. Matt Says:

    I’m pretty sure Tony Bourdain whacked a few deer, turkeys, cattle, sheep, etc on his show, with a knife or a firearm. I don’t remember any fury about those.

  7. mikee Says:

    But did he eat the balls raw, like Andrew Zimmern gets to do ever so often on his Bizarre Foods show?

  8. ExpatNJ Says:

    Matt –

    When Bourdain died, CNN broadcast a ‘special’ (memorial) on him. Ramsay is on Fox. Simple math.

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