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Some men you just can’t reach

91% Democrats see violence next in war of words

Kevin: Civil War

As Billy Beck said years ago: All politics in this country now is just dress rehearsal for civil war.

Increasingly, I find that to be more and more true.

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5 Responses to “Some men you just can’t reach”

  1. Will Brown Says:

    Summarizing my comment at Kevin’s, it may be time for all of us to begin making our final costume adjustments and clarifying our understanding of the stage directions our part in the coming production will be.

    And get some sleep.

  2. mikee Says:

    Based on watching US civil disturbances (riots) on TV going back to the 1960s, I don’t plan to hang around city centers, slums, public housing, universities, or government buildings if tensions increase. Then again, who wants to, even in the best of times?

    That said, my suburban home and my workplace have about as much chance of experiencing a Civil War II event, as I do of dancing the lead at a Met production of Swan Lake.

    But being prepared for the unlikely means being prepared quite well for the much more likely. So if I work on situational awareness, threat evaluation, de-escalation, exiting from trouble, and so on because of a looming civil war, I’ll be better able to handle the much more likely gas station beggar late at night.

  3. wizardpc Says:

    As long as the good folks on the right can still feed their children, pay their bills, and save for retirement, nothing’s going to happen.

  4. Tim Says:

    ‘Men’? I don’t think this is actual ‘men’ we’re talking about here.

  5. JK Brown Says:

    I keep this from Ludwig von Mises in mind. The special interest groups are hardening, especially on the Left.

    “The parties of special interests, which see nothing more in politics than the securing of privileges and prerogatives for their own groups, not only make the parliamentary system impossible; they rupture the unity of the state and of society. They lead not merely to the crisis of parliamentarism, but to a general political and social crisis. Society cannot, in the long run, exist if it is divided into sharply defined groups, each intent on wresting special privileges for its own members, continually on the alert to see that it does not suffer any setback, and prepared, at any moment, to sacrifice the most important political institutions for the sake of winning some petty advantage.

    “To the parties of special interests, all political questions appear exclusively as problems of political tactics. Their ultimate goal is fixed for them from the start. Their aim is to obtain, at the cost of the rest of the population, the greatest possible advantages and privileges for the groups they represent. The party platform is intended to disguise this objective and give it a certain appearance of justification, but under no circumstances to announce it publicly as the goal of party policy. The members of the party, in any case, know what their goal is; they do not need to have it explained to them. How much of it ought to be imparted to the world is, however, a purely tactical question.

    “All antiliberal parties want nothing but to secure special favors for their own members, in complete disregard of the resulting disintegration of the whole structure of society. ”

    Mises, Ludwig von (1927). Liberalism [classical liberalism, not the modern definition]