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Good on them

In Washington, sheriffs are refusing to enforce the state’s new gun laws.

2 Responses to “Good on them”

  1. Lyle Says:

    There are still a few good sheriffs in the country. We met a very nice deputy in Latah county, Idaho way out in the mountains. Three of us were all set up chronographing loads, and he’d come over to chat about our rifles because he was interested in getting an AR for himself, “…while I still can” as he put it. All very amicable.

    Unfortunately, not all WA State sheriffs are so neighborly. It’s not easy to be so relaxed and un-jaded, especially when, as you start looking into the LE culture, you see what they’re saying about “civilians” (they being characteristically unaware of the fact that they too are civilians).

  2. Ron W Says:

    Surely citizen gunowners will be treated as well as illegal aliens by these leftists and given sanctuary, right?