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More NRA troubles

Over at BattleSwarm:

The more we find out about how the NRA has been run, the worse it seems. The crisis started out looking like a case of lax management, but the deeper you dig the more it looks like a case of systematic looting.

2 Responses to “More NRA troubles”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Anywhere there is a pile of cash, the vultures will begin to circle in, almost immediately, looking for weaknesses, vulnerabilities, which are their opportunities.

    But that’s the shallowest of all views. I believe it’s usually far worse than that. It’s not usually about money only. Though money is of course a powerful attractant, the problem runs deeper than that. It’s about a systematic war against the principles of liberty (“The Perfect Law of Liberty”), and in war, deception & all manner of subterfuge are the rule. Enemy infiltrators will circle in along with the vultures, and they’ll form alliances and keep secrets. Thus the vultures of the world use our own resources against us.

  2. Michael Says:

    At some point, we are better off just cutting of the NRA entirely.