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Mouse guns

Pocket Pistols vs. Snub Nose Revolvers. I’ve owned pocket pistols but never a snubby.

5 Responses to “Mouse guns”

  1. Will Says:

    They can be difficult to shoot well for most people. However, some find they are very good with them, for unknown reasons.

    BTW, one of the key things I have found is that the shape and size of the grips can be critical to accuracy, over and above comfort.

    Also, testing seems to show that shooting .357mag is not worthwhile, as the recoil and muzzleblast doesn’t translate into better terminal performance over .38spl, until you get into barrel lengths that take it out of snubbie territory.

    The organic curves of a snubbie seems to lend itself to being less likely to be recognized as a gun if it is printing in some fashion. The angles of an auto tends to grab the human eye, as it’s not common in nature.

    Don’t get it with a hammer spur, as you do not want to get in the habit of cocking it to make shooting easier. Really bad news in a self-defense scenario 99.999% of the time. If you can’t shoot it DAO, don’t bother owning it.
    The tiny .22 derringer size guns are a different matter entirely. No personal experience, so not qualified to comment in this regard.

  2. JTC Says:

    @Will, if by .22 derringer size guns you mean include micro-derringers like the NAA22LR’s that have lived in my right pocket everywhere I go for forty years, the DAO thing is moot anyway as they are SAO. Accuracy too is moot with things like that as they are a last-ditch up-close-and-personal in-the-bg’s-ear sort of thing God forbid when/if you have to fall back on it…but it’s still a comfort to know you could. More important is to practice just how you would employ it, practice getting it out of your pocket, hammer back, and and in pinch-grip firing position.

    Oh, while it finally did give way as my daily carry to a flat-stack Glock 9, my old 1954 (it and me will be the big 65 this year) Colt Cobra .38 Sp. would majorly hiss at you lumping its snakelike striking ability with the NAA which admittedly qualifies as mouse-gun, though I’ve always called it a rat-gun…because that’s what it is for, push come to shove come to last-ditch deadly defense.

  3. Robert Evans Says:

    I own a S&W 642, the Airweight version of the Centennial. Before that I owned one of the early 640’s, the all-steel version in .38 Special. That one had a respectable kick with +P FBI loads, so I usually loaded it with 148-grain Wadcutter rounds (Massad Ayoob himself recommends this for the recoil-shy) or 148-grain Federal Nyclad (now discontinued again, unfortunately). The 642 has a more severe kick than the 640, of course. I’d like to see S&W offer it in the old .32 S&W Long chambering, which might make a 6-shot version possible. And a .32 loaded with .32 S&W Shorts would be that perfect snubby for the recoil-shy new female gun owner that gun writers are always mentioning.

  4. weredragon Says:

    The .327 Federal magnum gives you six rounds and eats all the shorter .32 revolver loads from back in the day.
    Nothing wrong with a wheel gun, but I have moved into subcompact 9mmís. The Glock 43 is practically the same size as the G42 and gets you from .380 to 9,
    But the real winner is the Sig P365 which is smaller than the G42 and comes with 10 round mags. Twice what the j frames carry, with an easier reload. And yes I pocket carry it in a kydex holster.


  5. Will Says:

    you and your NAA mini is why I refrained from covering them. I figured you would do the honours.
    I don’t consider myself a revolver aficionado, but it turns out I’m one of those oddballs who shoots snubbies very well.
    I settled on 125gr in .38spl, as it shoots to POA to at least 40 yds, and doesn’t beat me up in the process.

    Forgotten Weapons recently did a comparison of a few pocket pistols, and the P365 seems to be a winner. This was a recoil examination of the Boberg/Bond 9mm.