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A civil rights victory


California may not legally prohibit the Crossroads of the West gun show from taking place on state-owned fairgrounds, a federal judge ruled this week.

U.S. District Judge Cathy Ann Bencivengo said the First Amendment means a state agency in Southern California may not single out gun showswhich host discussions of gun politics, safety, and how to comply with legal requirementsfor a preemptive ban on future events. Bencivengo, an Obama appointee, granted a preliminary injunction on Monday after oral arguments.

This is why The Second Amendment Foundation is important.

One Response to “A civil rights victory”

  1. Lyle Says:

    And yet those who proposed the ban will suffer no consequences for attacking the exercise of constructional enumerated rights.

    And that’s the whole problem; the leftist (anti-American) revolutionaries are never punished. At best, taxpayers have been hit with coughing up a settlement here and there while the actual perpetrators have gotten off. The perps are then free to rally their forces and try again, and again, and again…. The enemies within our gates are treated like legitimate public servants, receiving title, salary and pension at our expense while they work to corrupt our entire system. So long as that is allowed to stand we are in the process of losing our country.