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Things just got more sporty at the NRA

It’s the NY Times so the hyperbole may be a bit much. But it seems they have suspended Chris Cox for his part on a coup attempt. Cox is denying it.

Good question: Is anyone running NRA?

And here’s a story about a lawsuit alleging that unpaid bills could shutter NRA TV.

Does LaPierre have a plan? Or is this some sort of scorched-earth move?

3 Responses to “Things just got more sporty at the NRA”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Scorched Earth is always an option, especially in an organization populated with economic climbers, title seekers and resume builders. The Pharisees, for example, sought to murder the Messiah which their people had been looking for since the time of Moses, just so they could maintain their status and privilege as top dogs. Being that things never change, one should expect nothing different in this case. Thus we should look for the second amendment to be specifically targeted for destruction (or a permanent state of impotence) from within the NRA, because its full implementation would mean the demise of the organization as we know it.

  2. Crawler Says:

    Crawler’s Rules for Media Reporting

    Rule 1. Never, ever believe anything media write or say.

    Rule 2. If one thinks there maybe is a smidgen of truth written or spoken by media, refer to Rule 1.

    A decade or so ago I used to say that whatever the NYT reports, divide by ten and one might get close to the truth. Nowadays, I just multiply their reports by zero.

  3. JTC Says:

    Scorched earth. Not likely by design, as that would be a case of self-immolation by the fire starters.

    Nevertheless, “burn the m’er f’er down” is a refrain from me and others, necessary to get back to what this “union” started out to be, a vehicle for the protection and advancement of the rank and file and their interests.

    And with all that has been revealed and is coming out both from within (corruption and internecine warfare) and without (open warfare from those well into the third phase of socialism known as marxism), it is inevitable.

    It is encouraging to look to the examples provided by God in nature of the restorative properties of fire, unless man interferes as he has done with such tragic consequences in the forests of Kali, and in places like Congress and the boardroom of the NRA.

    May it rise from the ashes rejuvenated and rehabilitated.