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Speaking of air guns and ATF

Seems someone in China is making Glock conversion .

Do the units for Airsoft guns work on the real deal?

5 Responses to “Speaking of air guns and ATF”

  1. 789 Says:

    apparently so!

  2. Michael Quinn Says:

    All this fuss about modifying drop in autosears and you can still walk into the plumbing isle at Home Depot and buy all the 90% complete Sten guns you want.

  3. tincankilla Says:

    at the range with a guy with a G18 recently. BRRRRRRRP! super fast cycle time. sounded fun, but expensive and not high utility.

  4. Will Says:


    consider it the equivalent of a miniature shotgun for serious social purposes. With a little practice, 2-3 round bursts are do-able. The most I could keep on a silhouette target at ~15 yds was 6, but I lack the mass to counter the recoil.

    For dealing with a gang attack, when toting around a long gun isn’t practical, this would be my first choice. Fits in a normal Glock holster with a G17 mag. (second choice would be the Beretta 93R. The Glock is better because it doesn’t need a custom holster)

    The newer versions with the comp barrel may be more controllable, but I trained on the original version, so can’t compare. A bonus is that the sound of full-auto fire scares everyone, so your opponents may decide to leave early.

  5. Old NFO Says:

    Interesting concept, and agree with Will, full auto ‘anything’ is going to scatter people.

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