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Live free or there

Homeowner shoots two home invaders, killing them. I happy ending, right? Well, it happened in NY so our hero is being charged with a felony.

2 Responses to “Live free or there”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Actually there’s now discussion about reducing the charge to a misdemeanor, or possibly dropping it entirely. Though last I saw they were still waiting on autopsy results, so nothing was going to happen till then. Guy’s still in jail, but the same reports were that his house has no utilities, and he was basically requesting to stay in jail. Authorities were working with local groups to either get his utilities hooked up or a different place to stay once he was released. Its NY yes, but its Upstate NY.

  2. Pete Says:

    One of the first lines in the report is:

    “The homeowner right now is not charged in connection with the deaths of the two suspected intruders; just an illegal gun possession charge.”

    So in essence, it’s not that he killed the intruders; it’s that he wasn’t allowed to have the gun he used. He should be given a stern finger-wagging and told not to do that anymore (followed by a wink and a handshake).