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Double Plus Ungood

Washington state wants to confiscate guns based on “wrongthink”.

5 Responses to “Double Plus Ungood”

  1. Bram Says:

    If you think you should own a gun, you’re obviously wrong.

  2. Lyle Says:

    Several states want to do that, and in part we’ve asked for it.

    Wrongthink = red flag

    It’s been a series of setups of course. Some leftist shoots up a school or a Republican baseball practice, leaving several previous, actionable “red flags” unaddressed. We scream at the local law enforcement, “Hey dumbasses! You MUST have seen this coming a mile away!”

    This happened several times. The setup is complete and we played our role in it. This is what we get.

    The key word in all the above is “actionable”, most of you will have missed it, and now the world refuses to acknowledge it. No one talks about it, and so now as a society we’re demanding that new Department of Pre-crime we all thought was an impossibility just a few years ago.

    They’ve ignored the actionable so as to justify acting on the un-actionable.

    Every government entity works this way;
    Do the job poorly or not at all, and when the people complain, tell them the problem is due to a lack of funding (“resources”) and/or a lack of authority (“tools”). Bingo! It works every single time it’s tried. It’s an industry.

    It’s cute how they essentially told us years ago they were going to do this, and then did it, right in front of our faces while all we could do is act incensed and call them names along the way.

    The Republican Part of course plays its assigned role by acting incensed and calling the Democrats names along the way. Obviously they too will “need” more “tools” and “resources”.

    How is it that the “stupid”, the “incompetent” and “ignorant” leftist agitators, and their “conservative” allies, keep outsmarting us? You think maybe they’re not so stupid after all?

  3. Sid Says:

    Innocent individuals are going to pay the price for this nonsense.

  4. Shawn Says:

    To them wanting to buy a gun or owning a gun is wrong. If only they could pass a law where you have to take a test to own a gun and merely taking the test permanently bans you from gun ownership because you wanted to buy a gun. Such is there ‘logic’

  5. Ron W Says:

    First they came for the gunowners….

    Many don’t care or even favor that the ruling elites trample the Bill of Rights( not only 2nd, but 4th and 5th Amendments) with “Red Flag” laws–for those other people. They think that’ll keep’em safe forgetting that “what goes around, comes around” and forgetting, or not ever knowing, history that governments which disarm their own people have perpetrated the greatest mass murders of history. But, “that can never happen here” they say.

    “Those who trade Liberty for security will lose both and deserve neither.” –Thomas Jefferson

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