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Holster wars

I find this to be generally true:

in this day and age, leather is a sexual preference, not a valid holster material. Look, I get it. A custom made, tooled leather holster is classic. Its pure sexiness (see? Sexual preference.). Even for CCW use, its suboptimal, for a hundred different reasons that people in the training community (you know, people that actually practice this shit) have belabored. If youre still wearing a leather holster, thats fine, just acknowledge your fetish.

Not the part about it being a fetish, though.

Via Tam, who has more.

11 Responses to “Holster wars”

  1. pkoning Says:

    Really? Pray tell me where I can buy a non-leather holster for a Boberg/Bond XR9. I know I have a choice of several suppliers of custom-fitted leather holsters for that gun. Leather is easy to mold to an exact shape without investing many thousands of dollars in custom tooling.

  2. Tam Says:

    “Pray tell me where I can buy a non-leather holster for a Boberg/Bond XR9.”

    This is what we call a “clue”.

  3. nk Says:

    Good grief! Talk about turning reality on its head. Leather is normal. It’s plastic which is the fetish, like all the other sex toys made out of it.

  4. Old 1811 Says:

    Some people wear OWB holsters with a thumb break, or a safety strap. I’ve never seen a Kydex holster with a thumb break of any quality.
    I like Tam and read anything she’s written that I come across. But she’s wrong here.

  5. Antagon Says:

    I think it’s Tam’s fetish for those times when snark is not enough.

  6. mikee Says:

    My first IWB holster was made of kydex AND leather.
    Am I confused about the issue, holster bi-curious, multiply fetishistic, or just out of style now?

  7. Huck Says:

    I have only one holster that’s not leather, a M-12 for my 1911. Everything else is leather because as pkoning said, it’s easier to mold to fit than nasty ugly Kydex. Plus leather holsters look better and are TRADITIONAL.

    Mikee, to me leather holsters, knife sheaths, and Rifle slings will never be out of style.

    Using leather accessories is not a fetish. Leather works great for that and has for centuries.

  8. benEzra Says:

    My previous OWB holster was quality Kydex. I recently switched back to a leather holster for the M&P. I found that for me and my bony hips, Kydex was both uncomfortable and noisy, whereas I find good leather to be less so on both counts.

    I agree that with both flavors of holsters, expect to pay $100-ish for something good, and you often won’t be able to buy it locally.

  9. Mike V. Says:

    My name is Mike, and I have a fetish. My Sparks 55BN works just fine.

  10. ExpatNJ Says:

    A little late to the discussion, but a few points:

    Leather holsters are softer, so they tend to be more pliable and comfortable as they conform better to body contours. They are very durable and serviceable for cleaning, repair, etc. However, if a wearer’s body (perspiration, etc) is more acidic, and, therefore, more corrosive to natural products, an artificial holster (Nylon, etc) can resist that and any other damaging environmental conditions better, realizing a longer life-span of use.

    Holsters are like calibers: Get firearm officiandos in a room together, and there will be different – yet equally valid – opinions on makes, models, materials, etc.

  11. JTC Says:

    More what? Holsters? Fetishes? Snobbery?