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Not something I’m worked up over

J. KB isn’t too happy with a popular video of Halle Berry getting her training on. I think the video is, generally, good for gun folks. It shows “our people” in a good light. And it’s getting spread around by outlets that would otherwise not portray shooting sports as a good thing.

10 Responses to “Not something I’m worked up over”

  1. J. KB Says:

    My point was that’s it’s good for her because she is a Hollywood A-lister. If it were one of us, at best it would be ignored and more likely be used against us as a sign that we are violent wannabe killers.

  2. Other Steve Says:

    No true scot huh? File this in with gun people being their own worst enemy.

    It doesn’t matter if Halle Berry is anti gun or if this guy is butt hurt he doesn’t get to go to Cali and act in 3-gun The Movie.

    What matters is that a video of good gun handling, positive actions, and an obviously fun gun use is going viral and getting in front of people who like what they see… when is the last time an NRA video showing fun gun usage was on the front page of Reddit? Absolutely Never.

  3. Phelps Says:

    Taran Butler is the opposite of that and does not disserve any of my business.

  4. Will Says:

    Taran Taactical has found a way to get around Cali’s .gov hatred of real gun training. Good for him. CA has chased away at least one gun training business I’m aware of. They made the mistake of offering full auto training to the masses back in the 90’s, and CA freaked. The Hollywood business that owned the guns didn’t fare too well, either.

    What’s ironic is the fallout from that incident may have been the impetus that drove tactical gun type movies and TV shows to film in Canada. Whole LOT of money isn’t being spent locally in Hollywood anymore for that type of production. “get woke, go broke” would seem to apply.

  5. Lyle Says:

    It is an interesting situation; the TV and movie industries make huge sums of money depicting guns as tools of evil, then call for banning guns on the notion that they’re tools of evil. Hmm.

    We sold product to a Hollywood production company years ago, for what turned out to be the making of The Kingdom. We got the better part of one second of screen time in the movie for it. I guess that makes us sellouts too.

  6. mikee Says:

    OK, that news ranks right up there with the legs of Rita Moreno and Marisa Tomei as Aunt May in the Avengers movies.

    As to the training of antigunners: knowledge is a neutral thing, and experiences can be used or misused by anyone with them, and sometimes even without them. Actual experience and training with firearms can’t stop anyone from being an illogical gun rights hater. But firsthand gun training also makes more people with personal knowledge about guns. The more the better, I say.

  7. Mike V. Says:

    Positive media exposure never hurts. If Hallie ever makes an anti gun statement, this video of her training and apparently enjoying it will go a long way to diffusing that.

  8. Fûz Says:

    Mike V:

    the exposure also proves to a lot of people that almost anyone with mostly functioning limbs and extremities can get good at shooting.

    In direct opposition to the clucking about “he’ll take it away from you and hurt you with it”

  9. ExpatNJ Says:

    I first became conscious of Hollywood’s anti-RKBA bias when I read an interview of Linda Hamilton (‘Sarah Conner’ of “Terminator” fame). She said she enjoyed making money using the guns in her movies; but, she did not believe anybody should own any of those. I’m sure Halle and others have similar opinions.

    Since then, I haven’t gone to watch, rent, purchase, or view any of Hollyweird’s products. I won’t give aid and comfort to the enemy who’s trying to kill me. Am I deprived? No, not at all. I have accomplished so much more in life without becoming a couch-spud. I advise others who read this to consider their own boycott.

    Hollywood and the Media seek to entertain us – and, therefore, maintain us – in our homes. Reality ends where the screen begins. Don’t give into that imprisonment. The American Revolution began outside the home, in bars, taverns, and houses of worship.

  10. Matt Says:

    “I first became conscious of Hollywood’s anti-RKBA bias when I read an interview of Linda Hamilton (‘Sarah Conner’ of “Terminator” fame). She said she enjoyed making money using the guns in her movies; but, she did not believe anybody should own any of those.”

    Let’s just say I have some direct knowledge that indicates that position, at least privately in her case, may have softened. She may have believed it then but later life experience on her part may have…moderated her position somewhat.

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