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Seems the NRA head is in some doo doo over his lavish travel expenses.Saving the NRA is a big deal and important.

3 Responses to “Lavishing”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Yeah, I give them my little donations, and then see their multi million dollar salaries and their multi million dollar museum and etc, and then I get my entire donation”s worth sent back at me in the form of junk mail, and I have to wonder about their mission focus.

    The NRA does a good job with range development and providing help with range insurance, and with training instructors. I’ve worked with them on those points. The ILA and all the rest I’m not so sure.

    They have a good mission, but as has been said; every great cause starts out as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket. Only the leadership can fix the problems, and only by reinvigorating and re-asserting the fundamental principles. Compromise is very nice, and it is the surest path to destruction.

    As far as being a voting member; they send us a short blurb on each candidate and we”re suppose to use that to make a decision? That’s not hardly worth spit. One would need to be really up on the inner workings of the organization, and have the resources to Fisk these people extensively, and in that case we might as well be doing it ourselves. Ultimately the leadership needs to police it’s own, and they all have their own interests.

    Having myself served on business committees at the city level for a number of years, it became obvious right from the get go that each member had his own agenda, often quite apart from the mission statement. Others only wanted to head some new sub committee. Also, collecting all those dues, people started instantly with the dollar signs in their eyes, dreaming of how they could spend the money “better”. Then the local government wanted a regular presence; individuals with political aspirations wanting to boost their resumes, etc. It’s a pathetic cesspool, which might occasionally accomplish something mildly productive. One must ask whether his dues and donations might be better used somewhere else, with a leaner, more ideologically focused staff.

    And so then it comes down to relative performance for the dollar. You decide. All I can do is relate my years of being affiliated with various groups, seeing how mission drift is a one hundred percent fact of life even without the political enemies at home and abroad, with all the resources that implies, wanting to corrupt your organization.

  2. JTC Says:

    The labor union parallel trajectory continues.

    Best we can hope for is that they keep the lobbying arm together long enough to beat down a couple of ongoing “initiatives” and get us through the ’20 election which might perchance get us an actual Constitutional constructionist court.

    But their self-destruction will continue, which of course does the racist/classist/socialist politicians’ jobs for them.

  3. mikee Says:

    Maybe they could cede all management activities to GOA for a year or two?