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So, ya’ll surviving this .gov shutdown thing?

Apparently, after 30 days of furlough, federal jobs are permanently vacated. I doubt that will happen.

Meanwhile, economic illiterate Bernie Sanders on the twitterer:

Uhm, what’s insane is that a department that is 95% non-essential exists.

8 Responses to “Shutdown”

  1. pkoning Says:

    …especially since it’s also 100% unconstitutional.

  2. .22lr Says:

    Non essential just means that employees whose furlough would endanger govt information, property, and / or preservation of life… basically, security and VERY few “regular” employees.

    DoD and DoJ tend to have more essential employees than EPA or FDA, but still in the minority.

  3. .22lr Says:

    I forgot to add… expecting certian elected officials to understand how the govt they serve works is like asking for a miracle.

  4. .22lr Says:

    Damnit… in my first post, i meant to say essential, not non-essential.

  5. Lyle Says:

    I saw a great poster the other day, showing a deeply concerned man, and the following caption;

    If there is a government shutdown, who will spy on me, waste my money and have contempt for me?

    It makes a good point, but somehow I think the spying, the wasting and the contempt will continue unabated during this shutdown.

  6. Heath J Says:

    How many days of shutdown do we need for ol’ Bernie to not exist?

  7. Tom Says:

    Also, the first comment at that link explains the position is only considered permanently vacant if the vacancy occurs while the government is operating . . . so vacancy during a shutdown doesn’t count.

  8. Sigivald Says:

    “Scientists” do not tell us “the future of the planet is endangered” by that – even the Worst Case IPCC Model doesn’t suggest The Death Of Life On Earth, or Human Extinction.

    Equally, the EPA is not “the climate change stopping agency”, Sen. Sanders.