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I was promised the hearing protection act and reciprocity

And the Republicans are looking to enact gun violence restraining orders.

6 Responses to “I was promised the hearing protection act and reciprocity”

  1. Lyle Says:

    I wanted to vote for liberty, but it wasn’t on the ballot.

  2. Cadeyrn Says:

    Two uninterrupted years of a Republican-controlled Congress and the Presidency and they couldn’t pass anything. Now Pelosi is back with her anti-gun agenda. Thanks for nothing.

  3. totc Says:

    NRA will send out a plea for money to protect your freedom.

    GOA will ask for the same thing, but with the caveat that the NRA doesn’t go far enough

    SAF will file a lawsuit

    Gun owners will take it up the ass without the benefit of lube or the common courtesy of a reach around.

  4. Ron W Says:

    Our elected officials are willing to attack the Bill of Rights, particularly 4th and 5th Amendment rights, when it comes to going after those who CHOOSE to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights because of the criminal actions of a few who have committed murder against unsecured victims kept that way by government. They take an oath to defend those Constitutional rights “against all enemies, foreign or domestic”. But now, they have become the latter. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are clearly under attack by “domestic enemies” in our own government!

  5. Lyle Says:

    …a Republican-controlled Congress and the Presidency and they couldn’t pass anything.

    Correction; they wouldn’t pass anything.

    There is a difference between “couldn’t” and “wouldn’t”. Best we understand it, internalize it, digest it, acknowledge the reality of the situation, and choose our words accordingly.

    The game that’s being played on us, is to delay for as long as possible the inevitable awakening to the game. We’re Charlie Brown, and the political parties are Lucy with the football. So far we’ve fallen for it every single time because we keep hoping against all evidence that at least one party is “on our side”. In fact, among the parties, liberty is not on the table.

  6. Jay Dee Says:

    If we file violence restraining orders against government officials, will the courts comply?