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A lawmaker wants to snoop through your social media history in order for you to be approved to buy a gun.

5 Responses to “In NY”

  1. Huck Says:

    He’d better be careful of what he wishes for since no one who’s held public office at any level would ever pass.

  2. Kasper Says:

    Would Carlos Danger approve of this…

  3. mikee Says:

    Sure, no problem. All he has to do is define qualifying, or disqualifying, social media posts before the law is applied, and do so in such a way that the first and second amendments are not infringed. Good luck with that, you fucknozzle of a mini-totalitarian legislator.

  4. Joe Says:

    No, he wants to give Facebook and Google the power to create a “no-buy” list. Thats some scary sh*t.

  5. Mike W. Says:

    Let’s say this passes. How long before everything *HE* has ever done on the internet becomes public knowledge?