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There will be no reciprocity coming the lame duck congress. And I doubt congress will ever take up the issue.

6 Responses to “True”

  1. JTC Says:

    Not from congress, not anytime soon; that’s not a lame duck it’s a dead duck. And not getting it soon might mean not getting it ever; who the hell knows when the proglodytes will regain enough control to replace us as electors forever?

    The linked piece touches on it briefly then skips off and gets bogged down in specifics…which when it comes to gun rights are irrelevant; bans, restrictions, controls etc. of the means of deadly defense are unconstitutional and unacceptable in their entirety.

    And as I and others here have said recently, the courts are the way -the only way- to reassert those Constitutional rights, and we have the best chance from right now until 2020 to seat the jurists who will make it happen.

    Gov permission slips should not be standardized, they should be eliminated. Same for mufflers, accessories (like stocks and magazines), and guns of various designs including fully automatic ones. All of it amounts to prior restraint and preemption of the freedoms guaranteed by that document.

    Speaking of lame ducks though you’re just looking at the wrong timeframe…I’m counting on the bumpfire stock ban, by virtue of becoming a “machine gun” creating a solid contestable court case as a prelude to many others, beginning in earnest during during Trump V2, post RBG.

    And I think that’s exactly the Trojan horse being offered up by him right now. If Donald Trump is re-elected in two years we can expect suits and decisions that will protect and guide us for a generation or more going forward. I hope for it, I want it, and I pray for it for the sake of my children and of the Republic.

  2. Mike Says:

    And people tell me I’m wasting my vote by not selecting either wing of The Party.

  3. JTC Says:


    Well FWIW, if a lot more of us had wasted our votes in that manner DJT would not be in the White House now.

  4. Mike V. Says:

    Sometime, I wonder why we bother electing Republicans if they arenít going to advance our interests. Then I realize the alternative, at least for is far worse.

  5. Mike V. Says:

    Sometime, I wonder why we bother electing Republicans if they arenít going to advance our interests. Then I realize the alternative, at least for now is far worse.

  6. Scott in AZ Says:

    When I hear (or think) the Democrats are going to lose I’m happy.

    Then I remember that means the Republicans win. I’m not as happy.

    Yes, the Republican weasels squandered their 2 years of absolute control to get anything really fixed. Not. One. Thing.

    All we got was 2 (hopefully) good judges on the SC (and a slew in the lower courts) that may or may not eventually help us.

    And since the Reps failed us we’re back to praying that the SC steps up.

    But I’m still not convinced there are 5 votes there to over-turn AW bans, high-cap mag bans, carry bans etc.

    I don’t trust Roberts for one.

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