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Seen on facebook

I have nothing to add:

Just read a travel advisory for those who live in states where pot is legal, warning their friends to be aware that just because it is legal to buy, doesn’t mean it is legal to have in other states. The comments lament how unfair it is and how hard it can be to keep current on a plethora of drug laws to remain compliant while travelling.

“Welcome to our world,” says the gun owners.

8 Responses to “Seen on facebook”

  1. Tim Says:

    Hmmmm…..I think we may have an opportunity here……national reciprocity might just have become a ‘thing’ now…..

  2. nk Says:

    Sorry, I don’t like the comparison. The Second Amendment is not a racket which became lucrative enough to buy politicians wholesale to push for its legitimization.

  3. JTC Says:

    @nk, understand the sentiment. but the comparison is actually completely valid in terms of Constitutional freedom and access to pot as well as guns; in fact theoretically the latter guarantees the former.

    Politicians can be bought and sold but they don’t determine legitimacy but, just retard it. Same for guns as for weed or booze.

  4. H Says:

    If you will get in I-70 in Kansas (where pot is not legal) and head west toward Colorado (where it is legal) you will notice that most HP vehicles in western Kansas will have their speed detection devices targeted on the eastbound lanes. Purely a coincidence I am sure.

  5. Will Says:


    bear in mind that if they are using radar, the separation between east and west lanes should be at least 1/4 mile to avoid reading traffic going AWAY from the unit. radar can’t tell which direction it is reading, it is looking for the strongest return signal. That’s best reflection with fastest speed. That is generated by the blunt/flat rear of virtually ALL vehicles on the road. Notice the front is more wedge or rounded in shape? The new headlights don’t generate much return signal, either.
    Laser is different, and bad for your eyes.

    unless there is no opposite traffic, the radar gun is reading traffic going AWAY from the cop, not toward him.

  6. Ron W Says:

    @nk and JTC, well-said!

  7. H Says:

    Well Will that may be all very well and true but in my experience, all that protection on the east bound side pointing west matches up very well with more cars pulled off on the east bound shoulder than on the west bound side, so…..

  8. Will Says:

    the reason is the cops think that whatever they point the radar gun at is what it reads. They’re stupid like that. The beam comes out as a cone, so the farther away vehicles are, the wider the beam. That’s how they end up reading the other direction.
    Frankly, if the ignorant judges would bother looking at the data on radar systems, and stop just going for the money/revenue (in other words, doing their fucking jobs as they were originally intended to do, instead of acting as revenue agents. Unless they are supposed to be revenue agents. Perhaps they need new job titles.), radar would not be allowed as evidence in court.
    It is a scam in use by the police. Period. There is NO WAY they can tell what the radar locked onto. Hell, they have found it can lock on tree leaves blowing in the wind.

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