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News maybe some of you can use

Concealed Carry for Fat Guys!

7 Responses to “News maybe some of you can use”

  1. James Crum Says:

    Ho-Ho-Ho- you betcha I need this info!

  2. MD Creekmore Says:

    James Crum,
    I hope it helps… I know I’ve lost 20 pounds and still rough to carry concealed sometimes…

  3. Middle-Aged Man Says:

    Iím workiní on it!!!!

  4. treefroggy Says:

    I use a Dunlop holster .

  5. Says:

    As a fat person, I usually “carry” in my truck, with the pistol holstered in the space between the air ducts, under the cup holders. Did not see that off-body carry possibility mentioned in the story.

    Think of it as carrying in a purse that you can also drive and use to haul cargo.

  6. JTC Says:

    Hey I resemble that remark, literally. low-level diabetes treatment and this damn keto diet are taking it down a notch or three, but yeah.

    Never really had a carry issue as like some others if I am on my property or my office there are options within reach. Same in any vehicle I drive. Those scenarios cover more than 90% of my daily activity and whereabouts so I do not usually carry a full size caliber on me at all, but I do always -always- have a .22 gun in my pocket for fun…and a whole lot of situational awareness wherever I may go. Would that my good fortune through more than forty years of relatively high-risk business and other activities continue, and I never have to draw down on anyone, or worse.

    Back to the post though, yeah I qualify but I’ll stick to my methods.

  7. BenC Says:

    As a big guy I pocket carry in a DeSantis pocket holster, I carry either a S&W .380 or a Kahr CM9 depending on the pants and pocket size.