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It’s still illegal


Vietnam War hero sentenced to 7 years for decades-old rifle purchase: report

It’s a pretty heart-wrenching story, to be sure. But there is no NFA exception for 70 year old veterans.

9 Responses to “It’s still illegal”

  1. pkoning Says:

    Perhaps an opportunity to challenge the constitutionality of the NFA?

  2. Jailer Says:

    What made them go looking for it in the first place? That’s what I’d like to know. I’m betting there’s a lot more to this story.

  3. nk Says:

    Full auto U.S. Army issue rifle with defaced serial number. You know, sometimes, even with the most soft-hearted prosecutors and judges, you’ve got to leave them something to work with.

  4. bobby Says:

    Jailer – My thoughts when I read the story earlier. I’m betting he told the wrong person and subsequently pissed them off ( … and telling 1 person is 1 too many)

  5. Miles Says:

    Lots more to this story.

    From NFA board.

    The defendant got 87 months because he was charged as a drug user in possession (marijuana and cocaine) which increased the number of chargeable firearms from one (the M-14) to fourteen (his entire gun collection).

    There are a lot of documents in his case including psychiatric evaluations and a competency hearing. But his order of detention says it all:

    Evidence was presented regarding Defendantís verbal threat to kill hospital employees. Evidence was also presented regarding items recovered at Defendantís residence, including, but not limited to, fourteen firearms, one of which was a machine gun, ammunition, marijuana, and cocaine. Evidence was also presented regarding Defendantís habitual drug use, as well as alleged sexual misconduct with his daughter, including inappropriate pictures of his daughter as a minor. Notably, not one family member would agree to be Defendantís third party custodian, and all expressed that they would fear for their safety if Defendant was released. Finally, evidence was presented that Defendant is a trained and licensed pilot and owns a plane. Based on the evidence presented at the hearing, the Court is unable to fashion any conditions that would ensure the safety of the community and that would ensure Defendantís appearance as required in these proceedings. Therefore, the United Statesí motion for detention (Dkt. 5) is GRANTED, and Defendant is detained pending trial.

    NOTE- I did not go to PACER and retrieve these documents, but someone else did and posted the above on a different forum.

    as another posted there. The illegal possession of the M-14 (machinegun) was just a sideshow tacked onto the rest of this guy’s failure mode.

  6. Ron W Says:

    As for the M-14, he should’ve just bought an M1A, the semi-auto version. Back then, it would’ve basically been an undocumented purchase and as Col Jeff Cooper reportedly said, “may your enemy always be on full-auto.” Semi-autos are excellent for defensive applications, which is why those who kept telling us, “no one wants to take your guns” , are now openly calling for taking semi-autos. They’re your enemy and they want you either as defenseless subjects or dead.

  7. Jim W Says:

    I’m not really surprised the news got it wrong.

    Looks like it got discovered as a side effect of him going crazy and threatening to kill people. I feel the coke and child porn they discovered during the search probably didn’t help his case much.

  8. Guy J. Sagi Says:

    The whole thing makes me wonder. If he was strictly law abiding in everything else, and suddenly realized picking up that M-14 years ago during his bachelor party was stupid, how could he lawfully get rid of it today? I don’t think he could march down to his local BATFE office or PD and say, “Here you go, found this on my porch yesterday.”

  9. Jim W Says:

    Boating accident is always the answer. The lake giveth and the lake taketh away.