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The smartest woman in the world

I wish Hillary Clinton would just go away. Funny how losing Republicans tend to but not Dems. But I digress.

In a world where a Bernie bro shot hundreds of rounds at Republican lawmakers*, seriously injuring one; Rand Paul was beaten up by a Democrat; someone attempted to stab a republican; and democrats are rioting in the streets; she says:

You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about,

She may be right. Only not for her party.

Rand Paul is concerned that someone is going to get killed.

* Funny how that one didn’t really get wall to wall media coverage.

11 Responses to “The smartest woman in the world”

  1. dustydog Says:

    Speaking of Clinton’s political party:

  2. Heath J Says:

    That was straight out of the ” Careful what you wish for” dept.

    Admiral Painter called it:

  3. jerry the geek Says:

    “Funny”, one assumes, as in the sense of “curious” that hillary will not just go away .. but not in the sense of “humerous”.

    It seems obvious that some politicians, having experienced many rejections by the popular vote, woud assume that they are not ‘well liked” and would decide to retire from the political venue entirely.

    Not so with the Hillary_Beast, who continues in her self delusion that “They like me… they REALLY LIKE ME!”

    This creature seems determined in her arrogance to believe that she is “well liked” by the people who like her best (Registered Democrats) and that she has a significant “following” who will, eventually, gather enough followers to elect her to High Public Office.

    Oh please, by all the Gods which may be, she should never be rewarded in her dreams.

    The Hillary Beast is the most repugnant candidate to EVERY believer in the Constitution (which she has vowed to revise according to her personal beliefs) and yet she persists in the foible of her own personality.

    Such as it is.

    Which is not much.

    It gives me much pleasure to note that a significant number of her own party rejects he as a candidate for the highest office of the land; any sane person would notice that she is universally detested as a person and as a candidate.

    We are left to despise her not quite as much for her unsuitability as for her cluelessness.

    One of my favorite things is to vot against Hillary; I hope she continues to be the eternal candidate, so I have the opportunity to vote for ANYONE BUT HILLARY over and again!

  4. JTC Says:

    Openly authorizing and endorsing violence; we can only imagine what we deplorables would have been subjected to under this evil bitch’s reign.

    When she was so totally and embarrassingly rejected in 2016 I though I’d be able to stop wishing that either she or me would get dead to end the certain suffering.

    But no, she just couldn’t stfu could she? Now I wish death on her as quickly as the dark angels of Beelzebub can come and claim it’s “soul”.

  5. Tim Says:

    Amazingly, unbelievably & inconceivably, it *appears* that this drunken sot is actually positioning her collostemy bag for another presidential run.

    Hillary, I love you. Not the way a man loves a woman, nor the way a son loves his mother.

    I love you like a good building demolition video. Watching you fail is like watching hot air balloon collapse into nothing once it returns to earth. And once your failure is complete, all you have left is your horse-faced daughter and a husband who would rather bang a spaghetti pot than you.

    ‘Run’, Hillary. This is the time & place. You can do it, sister. I can hear destiny calling your name.

  6. rickn8or Says:

    jerry, I prefer to despise her for her outright thievery and her never-ending attempts to destroy the freedom of Americans.

    Also for that garden-rake-on-chalkboard harridan screech that she calls a voice.

  7. KM Says:

    I want her to keep talking…often and loudly!
    Everytime she opens her mouth, the Dums lose another vote. She’s the greatest recruiting tool for ANY party but the Dums.

  8. JTC Says:

    Bitch might be entertaining but she will with her presence both overtly and surreptitiously incite protests, riots, and violence. We would like to avoid that shit if possible.

    She needs to get dead either by succumbing to the already obvious and advanced mental and physical decay, or at the hands of her husband or one of her abused slaves.

  9. PaulB Says:

    Beware, she is crooked as a dogs hind leg. If she runs again we will have the most cooked election ever.

    I for one am a proud deplorable and I am sure I would be destined for work camps under here rule.

    Get your friends and your friends friends out to vote. We need 60% or better of the silent majority to vote.

    Then we will see just how far they will go to keep power.

  10. mikee Says:

    Just determine how she will make money from her behavior, and most of the questions about her behavior are answered.

  11. JTC Says:

    @mikee, I think that is an accurate statement but I would love to know what the profit angle for the evil bitch is on this one: