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Life in the future

Gun Control Becomes Speech Control

4 Responses to “Life in the future”

  1. Lyle Says:

    If you already oppose the right to life, liberty and property (your own property, not the property of others), and oppose the right to keep and bear arms in protection of life, then what on Earth could posses you to uphold the rights of free speech, of the press, of religion, of assembly and of redress of grievances?

    The true authoritarian opposes all human rights, substituting them with their own wishes backed by lies and threats.

    So; what’s new today?

  2. Ron W Says:

    @ Lyle, Excellent! Well-said!

    The only thing to add is that the authoritarian keeps all he wants to take away for himself –to be done by force, of course.

  3. B Dubya Says:

    First comes gun control, aimed at citizens who are supporters of law and love of country, as these are less likely to be clients of the party that shall not be named. With that comes firearm registration and background checking to ensure that the wrong sort does not have legal access to them (the wrong sort is any individual or group that is the danger de jeur, properly treated with the Minute Hate for the clients of the party that shall not be named). Observe that we already have registration and background checks in place that can be easily expanded to include all personal firearm.
    When conditions are ripe, and the party that shall not be named has control of the federal government, then there will be targeted firearm confiscation, enforced by state sanctioned law enforcement actors who will use any force necessary to remove the guns from the targeted segment of the population. At this stage, the politically connected will have access to private firearms and armed retainers.
    Eventually, private ownership of firearms will be made illegal, enforced with deadly force.
    Any consideration of the liberties enshrined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, such as free speech, freedom of religion, private ownership of property, and the other limitations on the power of government against citizens, will then be of no consequence. When you disarm your political and cultural opposition, and you have armed government agents in place who will act with violence against any dissenting voice, then you will have conditions that once existed in Germany and in the Russian system of “client” colonies.
    It took the Russians over 70 years to get rid of their communist masters, at a cost of a hundred million dead and current life expectancies in the 60s for the surviving generations.

  4. Ron W Says:

    @B Dubya, you explain exactly why the media, celebrities and political elite use school shootings to vehemently attack and demonize all of us who have NO responsibility for “senseless gun violence” using “the children” as their “useful idiots” to promote and enact this evil agenda.

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