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Clinging to relevancy

The Brady Campaign To Remain Relevant claims 8 kids a day are killed by the made up term “familyfire”. They are, as you would likely guess, lying.

One Response to “Clinging to relevancy”

  1. B Dubya Says:

    Looking at the 2016 stats, including 18 year olds, there were 117 accidental deaths charged to firearms. That works out to one fatality in every 3 day period, or less than 4% of the figure cited by the Brady Bunch.

    If you consider that “childhood” is biologically over at 14 years, then that number decreases dramatically to 74 fatalities, or one every 5 days.

    In 2016, there were only 495 accidental gun related fatalities in the US of all ages, which is still less than 25% of the figure claimed by Brady’s group of lying liars.

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