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NRA targeted

This hysterical piece of doom and gloom about the NRA’s financial situation has all the hyperbole. I mean, it couldn’t be that the NRA is filing a lawsuit and needs to show damages or anything, right?

I have no problem with this: Hardline U.S. ‘gundamentalists’ pressure NRA from within

2 Responses to “NRA targeted”

  1. Lyle Says:

    “Fundamentalist” is an epithet in left-Speak of course. There can be no fundamental truths, for example, because “truth” must be whatever they make it at a given moment. Everything must be fluid and changeable, like our “living” constitution, and “times” must always be “changing” so that the morals and principles of yesterday can all be ignored or modified today.

    By extension, the gravitational constant of the universe or the thermal coefficient of expansion of water would be subject to alteration by a simple ruling from any “consensus” of “scientists” that might be assembled. Thus we see that carbon dioxide, a fundamental requirement of life on Earth, is now classified a “pollutant”.

    Accordingly, a person can “love Jesus” but don’t you dare quote him accurately, in-context, on matters of critical morality and law, or you’ll be accused of “fundamentalism” (which everyone knows is a terrible thing). And if you wish to continue breathing, you damned well better not read Daniel chapter 7 with a mind to understand future prophesies because THAT could blow the lid off the whole bloody system.

  2. Jay F Says:

    “Hardline U.S. ‘gundamentalists’ pressure NRA from within”

    Impossible! The NRA is really a lobbying group for evil gun manufacturers — right?

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