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Another oddity of current gun laws

ATF has determined that bolt action .50 caliber upper receivers for AR-15s are firearms. Technically, I don’t think they are wrong.

5 Responses to “Another oddity of current gun laws”

  1. mikee Says:

    Who will post the first video of one being fired from the hip? Bubba, where are you when we need you soooo much?

  2. Michael Quinn Says:

    I actually have to have a little sympathy for the poor bastards at the ATF technical branch. They have to sit around all day trying to make sense of the nonsense that Congress passes into the gun laws of this country. With a few notable exceptions, they do a pretty good job of implementing the incoherent in a coherentish way.

  3. pkoning Says:

    MQ, you’re more generous than I am. My view is that no one whose entire job is a violation of the Constitution deserves any sympathy.

  4. Michael Quinn Says:

    I feel sorry for them the same way that Patton felt sorry for the Germans. They’re still the bad guys.

  5. Remington 700 Shooter Says:

    I think they need to make a live fire test.