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Where Great Britain Used To Be

A store refuses to sell a 16 year old a pack of spoons because he’s not 18.

6 Responses to “Where Great Britain Used To Be”

  1. comatus Says:

    Heroin paraphernalia.
    Coming soon.

  2. Fred Says:

    “Knives, forks I can understand but teaspoons? No,” she said.

    I just … @$#&

  3. bogie Says:

    I was with that lady until she expressed the sentiment that Fred quoted. Really? You can’t trust anyone with a fork (much less a table knife)?

    And that just demonstrates how common sense became so rare that the kid couldn’t buy the spoons (unless of course she was just saying that to be politically correct)

  4. Maxwell Says:

    Teaspoons are just a gateway to belt-fed machine guns, you know.

    If I’d been this kid, I’d have stolen the damn things, and probably gone back to steal more. Maybe I’d corner the black-market on assault teaspoons.

  5. mikee Says:

    In Texas back in the 1980s there were “blue laws” that prevented sale of nonfood items before noon on Sundays. They were started to prevent Saturday night boozers annoying the Baptists before church.

    Anyway, I was at my local Albertsons at about 11:00 one Sunday morning when the lady in front of me at checkout pulled a box of Pampers out of her buggy. The kid running the register stammered out that he couldn’t ring up the Pampers until after 12:00, because they weren’t food.

    The woman calmly stated to him, “Either ring the Pampers up for me, right now, or I’ll prove they’re food by making you eat them, understand?” The kid rang the Pampers up and the woman paid and left.

    Such is the proper way to handle idiotic rules.

  6. Matthew Akin Says:

    The modern world to the satirist: “Hold my beer.”

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