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NRA election participation

The turnout was very low. We should do better than that.

2 Responses to “NRA election participation”

  1. Greg Says:

    I never received my ballot. I moved prior to the election, but my magazines managed to find their way to my new address.

    Looking at the article, they mailed less that 2.5M ballots out, but membership is more than twice that. Honestly, I suspect someone at the NRA is afraid that too much new blood is being elected to the board.

  2. ExpatNJ Says:

    “Voting will not get us out of this mess” – unk.

    I’m a NRA Life Member. I USED to believe in them, and do this that and every other thing they said, and vote every time and return my ballot (never been to a Member Meeting).

    BUT, I stopped. Because, like others, I developed a sincere belief ‘mother NRA’ no longer represents me – if it ever did – and instead is an anti-2A, compromising org whose only interest is in publicity, and lining its own pockets and that of its Executive Director.

    > We should do better than that.

    Yes, we should. And, maybe NRA is ‘the only game in town’. Except now I’m estranged from them. I won’t vote in their election; it only encourages them.