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Well, they are Dick’s

Not content with throwing gun owners under the bus, Dick’s went out and hired gun control lobbyists.

While they’re not named Dick’s, Vista Outdoors is caving and will sell it’s gun divisions. They make a lot of stuff. I’ve got some of their stuff. I won’t buy anymore.

11 Responses to “Well, they are Dick’s”

  1. nk Says:

    I have never bought anything from Dick’s, but they got my email from the Sports Authority bankruptcy and I get at least two spams a day from them. I thank their marketing consultants for the daily reminders to continue not buying anything from them.

  2. Sailorcurt Says:

    I’ve never been fond of Dick’s but they have a Field and stream store here locally and they used to have a good selection of guns and ammo at reasonable prices. They lost my business.

  3. Sailorcurt Says:

    Oh…and thanks for the link.

  4. Tom Says:

    As for Dick’s and Field and Stream…Goodby and I hope you go broke.

    As for Vista Outdoors, I don’t know all the facts but I get the feeling this is not an anti-gun-rights move but just normal business decisions. I suspect that the gun parts of their company are under performing and they believe it would make better business sense to ditch them and stick to their core business which I believe is Ammo.

  5. Adam Says:

    I’m genuinely curious why you think that selling Savage to focus on their ammo businesses is “caving”. I really think you’re 100% wrong on this one. I will continue to purchase Vista products and encourage others to do the same. Maybe you should do the slightest research before posting BS like this.

  6. mikee Says:

    So the Vista Outdoors stuff getting sold off: where is it going? It ain’t being shut down, so it will be selling its stuff somewhere.

  7. MattW Says:

    I agree about Vista not caving – they are selling more non gun brands than gun brands (their bike helmet and bike accessory companies, paddle board company, among others). And in their press release they specifically state they are looking to capitalize and grow their ammo business as well as retain and grow their hunting and shooting accessory brands.

    People are taking the misleading ABC News article and running with it.

    Link for the press release:

  8. Jay Eimer Says:

    Big investment conglomerate buys a bunch of little manufacturers and screws them up….and then spins off the “losers” only to find that they were better off “little”. Look at Harley-Davidson and AMF (a freaking bowling pin company!). Cash strapped and gobbled up, then run into the ground with lack of new designs and falling QC. Then spun off and comes back stronger than ever.

    Savage will be bought by someone else and we won’t notice the difference or they’ll improve (or alternately, they’ll be bought by Freedom Group and QC will fall). Bell (bike and motorcycle helmets) has a huge brand following and great reputation, but is falling behind the technology – I suspect they’ll catch up once the big biz bureaucracy gets out of the way.

    I don’t know the other brands, but expect similar – if they’re viable (and Savage definitely is) they’ll be picked up by someone else and carry on. The ones that aren’t will just dry up (or get no takers).

  9. Steven Says:

    I went into a Dick’s today. To use their restroom. No other reason.

  10. Jim Says:

    Looks like a good time to spend any gift cards you have lying around for Dick’s while you still can. Go Woke Go Broke as they say at Insty.

  11. someguy Says:

    Whenever I see a company taking a “princiled stand,” I check the year over year stock performance. Invariably, the company was losing money and the CEO is picking a political fight so he has something he can point to with the Board (usually populated by lefty bankers) to protect his own ass.

    “Well of course the stock is in the tank, all the NRA nuts bailed on us, but would you have preferred we have blood on our hand?”

    Just checked Dicks, and it’s no exception, they’ve been losing money for a while, and the CEO is trying to cover his own ass.