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The Florida shooting gets weirder and weirder

Two more students say CNN scripted the alleged town hall.

One names the names of those at CNN.

Now it’s alleged that four deputies hid while the shooting was going on.

Someone needs educate the photogenic kid who’s reading the gun control talking points about the powers of the governor. Of course, it’s because the governor is a Republican and the sheriff, who is at fault, is not.

Were school officials told to gun down on the number of arrests to get grant money? Looks like it. They were incentivized not to prosecute the shooter. Then he may have not passed the background check.

A Total Failure of the State

7 Responses to “The Florida shooting gets weirder and weirder”

  1. Phelps Says:

    Turns out from the PC affidavit that there was ANOTHER officer inside the school in communication with the Cowardly Deputies.

    He “never saw the shooter.”

    Might have something to do with the direction he was (or perhaps wasn’t) moving.

  2. Sando Says:

    “Someone needs educate the photogenic kid …”
    Cooke gets off to a good start here:

  3. Sando Says:

  4. JK Brown Says:

    From an education blog:

    Cruz wasn’t arrested for assaults at school. He wasn’t arrested for assaulting his mother or others, despite numerous calls to the Sheriff’s Department. Without a criminal record, he was able to pass background checks and buy an AR-15.

    Checked the Broward Schools superintendent bio earlier where he bragged of immediately implementing the no-arrest policy. That server has been down all evening.

    Broward Superintendent is Charles Runcie. He first got into education in Chicago being hired by Arne Duncan, Obama’s Ed Sec., to work for Chicago Public Schools.

    His brother James Runcie suddenly resigned in May from his non-political appointee position at DoEd, COO of Federal Student Aid office. He wasn’t a political appointee so couldn’t be removed, but there were investigations going on. He claims he quit over Trump’s education cuts.

    Sheriff Israel celebrated being part of Team Obama when he was elected in 2012.

  5. Roger Says:

    Sheriff Israel is not just a democrat, he is a true DEMOCRAT! Full on liberal on steroids with all that that brings with it. He is most certainly NOT beloved by the deputies that he “leads” (Nor by the subjects like myself that live within his fiefdom.)

  6. Ravenwood Says:

    So when the government fails you… look to the government to fix it. Check!

  7. Ron W Says:

    @Ravenwood, and scapegoat others for government failure and the crime of the perp. And these are the same people who call their opposition “Nazis.”

    Doing it as directed:

    “Accuse your opponent of what only you are doing, as you are doing it, to create confusion, cloud the issue, and inoculate voters against any evidence of your guilt.” –Saul Alinsky