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CMP 1911 prices

The CMP general manager says they’ll cost around $1,000.

9 Responses to “CMP 1911 prices”

  1. Jailer Says:

    Would love to have one but no way in hell I’m forking over a grand for one.

  2. Charles Says:

    A grand. For a likely loose fitting gun. When I can get a very nice new 1911 for less than a grand. I will pass.

  3. Bill Twist Says:


    After all, it’s not like these things are huge and rare collectors items: I see WWII production 1911A1’s on Gun Broker for less than that.

    ” Even though they may be shot out or busted up, we donít want them falling into the hands of people who will just leave them in a glove box. We want a perceived value ó more of an heirloom. We donít want them considered a standard sidearm. All we need is to have someone commit a liquor store robbery with one and then weíll be held accountable.”

    Oh, it’s because they are worried about people going through the expensive and intrusive process of purchasing a gun through the CMP holding up a liquor store with them.


  4. Drake Says:

    That’s about triple what I would be willing to pay for a beat-up 1911.

  5. Eichenlaub Says:

    I’m sure they’ll sell but damn that’s dumb

  6. Jay Eimer Says:

    The one I had in the USN late ’80s was rattly loose, shot 5″ groups at 25yds and had no beavertail, minimalist sights and a short trigger. AKA, plain jane 1911A1. Considering for $800 I can pick from a dozen brands and get a decent 1911 clone with beavertail with speed bump grip safety, ambi extended thumb safety and that is tighter and shoots sub 3″ (if not better) I don’t see the allure.

    Now, if it was a Singer at that price….

  7. Paul Says:

    Heck I saw a WW2 GI, excellent condition, for a GRAND at a shop. Why should I pay that same amount, sight unseen, for a beater?

  8. Fin Says:

    People buy Cabots for 5X the price. And they don’t have any History attached. I just might buy one.

  9. McThag Says:

    Should someone bump into Serial Number 1164935, please let me know!