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Good advice

Lock your damn doors.

My kids always, in an annoyed tone, ask: Why do you always lock the doors? And I respond with So I don’t have to shoot anyone. I also lock my truck doors. Just the other week, someone broke into several vehicles around here. Just the unlocked ones. I have video of the perp trying to open my truck, realizing they were locked, and leaving. It works.

5 Responses to “Good advice”

  1. Mike Morrow Says:

    We have auto-locking deadbolts on the house. When my daughter was young she was always freaked out someone was going to “get her” at night. The auto lock doors allowed her to sleep better. They are nice they lock 30 seconds after opening, if you are doing a lot of in an out (moving a kid to school) you can pull the battery pack and leave them open.

  2. Sebastian Says:

    As I always tell my clients on network security: you don’t necessarily have to have the best security. You just need to have better security than the next guy. The basics matter. I’ve seen clients do the equivalent of installing a heavy steel front door, but who leave the windows all open and only have a screen door in the back.

  3. Jon Says:

    To quote my father:

    “Locks keep out the honest, and the lazy. Which covers a lot of people.”

  4. Sigivald Says:

    People don’t lock their doors?


  5. ExpatNJ Says:

    And, set your Alarm Systems, too! All of ’em!

    The night we hosted an unexpected visitor, all our home and vehicle doors were locked. All other precautions were taken, also. BUT, the ONLY action we had NOT done was to re-activate the alarm on the vehicle outside. It had been turned-off that one day to facilitate a lot of in/out material transfer.

    I am SURE the guy lifted the door handle to test if the vehicle was unlocked. As the alarm was ‘off’, all it did was turn on the dome light. Had the alarm been ‘on’, it might have scared him away, and he probably wouldn’t have broken into our home.

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