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Social media bubble

Things like this will continue to happen as long as you willingly give your content to someone else for free: YouTube Gun Channels In Danger Of Disappearing Forever

The Captain on the economic reality of such things: You Will No Longer Be Able to Make a Living Off of YouTube or Amazon Affiliate

Blogging went the same way. Up until about 2012 or so, this blog made a decent chunk of money. I mean, not like I could live off of it with a family or anything. But enough to support my shooting and technology habits while making a profit. Social media became a thing and website reading, in general, went the way of clickbait and listicles to draw eyeballs from social media. And that was that. Blogging declined, except for those who adapted to the new way or those who already had a very large audience. I’m guessing the number of new blog readers is barely a blip these days. The difference between the social media folks and bloggers is the latter owned their content and delivery system. The social media types don’t own and are dependent on the delivery system someone else owns. And it’s their house and their rules.

Life in the future.

4 Responses to “Social media bubble”

  1. wizardpc Says:

    I’m surprised it took that long, since they’ve banned gun related sites from using adsense to monetize since, well, forever I think. And they banned firearm related stuff from the shopping search a few years ago.

    Unsurprisingly, they’ll still TAKE your money for adwords…

  2. Fred Says:

    New media is swiftly coming online to replace places that are assaulting 1A and removing money makers. The Right (for lack of a better word) will have it’s own network of websites and social media. They are already coming online.

  3. mikee Says:

    Opinion can now be directed to desired ends, using the invisible hand of the search algorithm, the unseen content filter, the undetectable free content selector. It took a while for people to figure out, starting back when the newspapers and 3 national TV channels faced cable TV, but now full control will be reimposed on the public. And nobody will notice, and nobody will be able to prove it, and nobody will even care.

    Gimme some Kardashians, who cares about chemical weapons in Syria!

  4. anonymous Says:

    Look on the bright side. Once those evil net neutrality government regulations are finally abolished, internet service providers will be able to throttle — if not block — gun-related web sites. While injecting anti-gun ads into your web browser for profit.

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