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Why do they make it hard to give them money?

There’s a couple of AIWB holsters that I was looking into. However, they only make them for Glock 17s and 19s. The companies are Raven Concealment and CNC holsters. I currently have Raven’s for all of my M&Ps. But was playing around with the idea of AIWB.

So, JM Custom got my money instead.

9 Responses to “Why do they make it hard to give them money?”

  1. Murcielago Says:

    I love Raven Concealment’s “Vanguard II” holster for my Glocks. Love it. I wish they made it for j-frames; it would be perfect for j-frames — I once emailed them about it and they replied that they didn’t make one and didn’t intend to make onee for j-frames. Oh well.

  2. Joe A Says:

    I had someone else recommend JM Custom to me. Looking at their gun list, it seems like the Bergmann Bayard and the Mateba are about the only things they don’t make holsters for!

  3. LCB Says:

    I Like my Crossbreed IWB…maybe they have what you’re looking for. The website offers them at two angles, so maybe one would work for AIWB.

  4. John Says:

    T-Rex Arms give a look at them they made one for my CZ P07 and will for alot of other guns.

  5. Kyle Says:

    I have a custom light-bearing holster from them. Went to order another for another pistol of mine but the custom page had been cleared saying that it would be back in a few weeks. I waited for a couple months, finally emailed them and got this at the beginning of December:
    “Sorry our custom site will be down for at least a few more months. We are using those resources for fulfill our dealer and government orders.

    After the first of the year, we will have more light bearing holsters on our quick ship web site.

    Thank you”

    I take that to mean that we may not be able to put custom orders in til perhaps this summer or even later.

  6. Tam Says:

    JMCK is righteous stuff. You won’t be disappointed.

  7. bobby Says:

    … Tony (owner of JMCK) is a really nice guy too.

  8. aerodawg Says:

    I’d be wary of CNC. My first order with them went without a hitch. #2 I ended up having to do a CC chargeback. They advertise a min 6 week lead time, which if extended they’ll contact you. I have no problems with that for a custom made product. After 12 weeks and the absolute inability to get anyone to respond to me in multipl attemps via 2 different email addresses, facebook messages and questions asked directly through their website I was done.

  9. aerodawg Says:

    And to reiterate what others have said above, JMCK is tip top gear. I have an OWB for my sig P320 and love it.