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The Atlanta Falcons won the popular vote

Just a few things on Super Bowl LI, which is not named after a Chinese born actor Jet Li. So many people seem to hate Tom Brady. Not sure why. He’s probably the best quarterback to ever play. He’s a nice guy. But social media was filled with raging hate for him last night.

How did Atlanta manage to lose? Were they just trying to lay low and let the clock run out?

Because of FAA regs, Gaga’s drone show was pre-recorded. And she didn’t really jump off the top of the stadium. Regardless, the woman has skills. She was not lip syncing that. Never been a fan of her music but that’s talent.

The commercials (which are historically why I even watch the game) this year were not as good. Seemed to be mostly just plain old commercials. But one commercial really cracked me right the Hell up. This one:

Can of bisque. Beautiful.

9 Responses to “The Atlanta Falcons won the popular vote”

  1. JTC Says:

    He ain’t no Montana but he does hang in there. Pretty sure Trump was involved somehow in that last quarter…the owner, coach, and qb are all his buds, and he takes care of his friends. I’m glad he’s my friend now.

  2. dandydon Says:

    LOL “Can of bisque”. I missed that commercial. Thanks for posting

  3. joated Says:

    I found that commercial and the Turbo Tax one with Humpty Dumpty to be the most humorous of the group.

  4. LCB Says:

    I saw the commercial but I didn’t catch anything other than “greenery?” “Greenery? Pot? Can of Bisque?” Yeah…funny!

  5. Crawler Says:

    Social media despises Brady because he, his head coach and his team owner are known friends of President Trump.

    Many, many blue moons will pass before we’ll ever see an NFL QB win five Super Bowls again. Hell, Brady ain’t done; he could win six or seven before he finally hangs his cleats up.

  6. Ancient Woodsman Says:

    Perseverance pays. Not only in that game. Every NFL team had a chance to take him; 31 passed on that opportunity and took 198 players before him.

    One never knows with providence. Fine wines cheap before they are famous, a filet mignon expertly prepared but by a no-name chef, that oh-so-perfect pistol that you can’t quite afford right now but promise to buy later and never do because they just keep getting more expensive, ‘that girl’ (or other SO) with whom you are no longer…all that you passed on for what seemed like good reasons at the time.

    We all kick ourselves for some decision that is regretted, but Messrs. Kraft and Belichick don’t regret that one to whom they gave #12.

  7. Tim Says:

    You see, word is, Tom Brady actually voted for DJT. So, per lefty-lib-douche projectional-extension, anyone who roots for the Patriots is now a nazi sympathizer.

    So don’t deny it, you nazi. It just proves that you are, in fact, a super-nazi.

  8. Peter Says:

    Maybe they hate him for doing the UGG ads. Who knows. I just saw a guy getting knocked down, getting back up, and going back to work.

  9. Ron W Says:

    When someone says “NAZI”, I say oh, the acronym for National Socialist Workers Party. So you don’t like Bernie Sanders? Case-in-point, Venezuela.