ATF publishes reasonable white paper

You can read it right here. The associate deputy director and chief operating officer suggests a few things. And the list is pretty good for gun owners. A few things:

ATF would appear to be on board with removing suppressors from NFA. With the recent popularity of suppressors, there is a huge backlog at ATF. And, ATF notes, they’re becoming pretty common now, even with people having to jump through tax stamp hoops.

ATF also is OK with importation and resale of surplus firearms:

There is no clear public safety reason why taxpayer-funded US-origin C&R defense articles should be denied re-importation to the American public, while many non-U.S.- origin C&R items are approved. Additionally, these items do not represent any discernable (sic) public safety concern, as demand lies with collectors of vintage military firearms. Importation and sale through licensed dealers would effectively regulate the lawful transfer of these firearms through a licensee and a background check.

ATF calls itself out over the stabilizing brace silliness.

ATF says AR-15s are popular should be re-evaluated for sporting purposes because they are used often for sporting purpose.

Allowing dealers to sell at out of state gun shows.

At the end, a list of regulations that should probably be amended or removed.

My, my. What has happened at the ATF to make them advocate something reasonable?

20 Responses to “ATF publishes reasonable white paper”

  1. Bill Chunko says:

    What indeed!

  2. Miles says:

    My first impression was “Who sneaked in with the Hash Brownies?”

    But this guy is the second in command of that bureau.

  3. MrSatyre says:

    Gee, how nice of the ATF to be reasonable where infringement of our rights are concerned! Still nothing about how they’re an anathema to reason in the first place.

  4. Tam says:

    I see the Purity Spiral brigade has already made its appearance.

    These people wouldn’t know a Good Start if you put it in a sock and beat them unconscious with it.

  5. Flight-ER-Doc says:

    They realize that their agency could be eliminated in a freaking heartbeat by the President, as a cost savings measure that would have people naming their children Trump?

  6. Fred says:

    It’s a start but “Purity Spiral brigade”?

    I ride the ‘Purity Wave’ myself. It’s much lighter and fresher and it’s mostly organic.

    “shall not be infringed” Period.

  7. Jim W says:

    If they give ground now, it lessens the chance of punishing legislative action. It’s also a lot easier to recoup such ground when the next anti gun president comes along. For example, giving ground on AP pistol ammo now makes it likely that regulating pistol ammo stays under their jurisdiction. If Congress just repealed the stupid law, they’d never get it back.

  8. Sebastian says:

    They realize that their agency could be eliminated in a freaking heartbeat by the President

    No, that would take an Act of Congress.

  9. rickn8or says:

    ATF has already recognized FFL activities via the internetwithout a classic “storefront”…

    Oh, when did this come about? You mean I can get my “Internet Only” 01 FFL now?

  10. JTC says:

    “No, that would take an Act of Congress.”

    Not really, no.

    Propose a reg, get rid of two.

    And I love this one;

    Any proposed reg gets a zero budget.

    Self-eliminating “agencies”. Love it!

  11. BenC says:

    JimW nails it by ceding them the authority to make these decisions even in our favor now we validate them to rule against us later. While total dismantling is desirable but unrealistic I do think it possible to find some type of way that the laws are not open to interpretation by whichever petty bureaucrat sits at the head of an agency

  12. Kristophr says:

    Trump can make them all sit 8 hours a day facing a blank wall, and order the FBI to handle all bomb incidents, criminal with firearms cases, and bad dealer investigations.

    Yea, he can get rid of the BATFE with the stroke of a pen.

  13. DocMerlin says:

    No, he really can get rid of them with a stroke of a pen. He can literally tell them not to enforce the laws or just issue blanket pardons for guns related activities.

    He can issue a policy that a waiting period of more than X days is unreasonable.

    I don’t think you understand the power of the president.

  14. DocMerlin says:

    When he gets sued by pro-gun forces, on second-ammendment issues he can tell the solicitor general to settle the case and get some sort of settlement decree. Guess what the new law of the land becomes…. If that is too obvious, he can make sure that the lawyer on the case is very pro-gun, and argues the plantif’s side for them.

    He can issue an EO saying that he believes X regulation is unconstitutional, then order the AG to behave as if it is.

    Again, I don’t think you realize what the executive branch can do. When it comes to criminal or civil law, the executive branch holds the trump cards (pun not intended.)
    Hell, just the pardon power alone trumps every other branch’s ability to do anything, except impeachment (which has a high thresh-hold so is really unlikely to happen).

  15. Buxton says:

    Created by pen stroke , without Congress authority , BATFE ( its latest name ) can be ABOLISHED by Pen as well
    Kill it NOW , or it will be back. We can then modernize laws — by actual Rule Of Law .. not ‘ color of law ‘

    BATF knows it has NO Standing + NO Jurisdiction.

  16. Deaf Smith says:

    What? Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!

    That’s what.

  17. Scott Connors says:

    Doc Merlin nails it. The Obama administration’s EPA played the “Consent decree” game with environmental groups to establish regulation through pseudo-adversarial litigation. If the President refused to defend the 1986 Hughes Amendment, I would probably die of happiness.

  18. Buxton says:

    Improved Link for post # 15 BATF – Fraud

  19. Tim says:

    A predictable tactic: Lift’ the suppressor restriction (temporarily) to mitigate actual reform of the NFA until a democrat re-enters the white house. We should want the law changed. Not just some temporary, bureaucratic change that gets reversed after Elizabeth Warren gets in the White House in 8 years.

  20. qmony says:

    Their timetable for being reasonable expired long ago. They should be on the clock for complete abolition. The sooner the better.