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So, what caliber for gator?

A gator jumped on to some tourist’s boat. Gets stuck.

Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick. That is a huge gator. Or a small dinosaur.

8 Responses to “So, what caliber for gator?”

  1. Bob in Houston Says:

    Yikes!, I’m thinking a brass solid in .458 SOCOM.

  2. Andrew Says:

    .22 or .17 for the sweet spot.

    Anything else, it better be from a battle rifle or higher caliber, preferably from a long distance, as the dead dino is gonna thrash like a mutha-humpa as it dies. A four footer can nut-punch adult men into next week with just a simple tail-slap. Yah, been there, doubled over afterwards, praying to some greater angel named ‘Ralph’ (or was it ‘Raaaaaaaaaaaalllllllph’) to please, for the love of God, knock me unconscious so I wouldn’t feel the bald-headed twins fall out of my throat and journey back to the place where they belonged.

  3. Stretch Says:

    Something belt-feed I should think.

  4. Miguel Says:

    If you think we have huge gators (and we do) remember we also have snakes that will crush gators to death and eat them….

    I need to move up north….

  5. JTC Says:

    As Andrew mentions, poachers prefer .22 for the same reason as hit men…quiet and effective upclose and in the zone.

    That gator is big, if not quite the Godzilla the trick vid indicates.

    And if the airboat operator is licensed for tours that vid could and probably should put him out of biz…nose up to the damn things and panic them right into the boat and onto your fares? Dumbass.

    Like Miguel says we’ve got gators and always have, they leave you alone if your leave them alone but try telling that to snowbirds who feed them until the gators learn the people usually have little yapper dogs with them that make great snacks. What is really freaky though is the invasive shit like the giant snakes he mentions and iguanas running wild around Lake Okee where I grew up about as big as that gator…it’s only an hour south of where I am now in Sebring, but that kind of shocked me when I was down there visiting last year.

  6. Huck Says:

    “So, what caliber for gator?”

    The same as for a Bear, the biggest that you can get!

  7. Lyle Says:

    In those gator-fishin’-hick shows (that apparently no one has been watching) they seem to be using 22 rimfire and almost nothing else.

    Mostly it is those who don’t hunt who believe they need a giant magnum. What they fail to understand is that a 22 LR in the brain pan beats a 450 Magnum in the gut any day of the week. Killing is all about the anatomy.

    NOTHING will stop ANY animal instantly except for a CNS disruption. I bet three fourths or more of you will misinterpret that statement, so read it again and try to understand each word and then see if you can apply it to your observatios.

    Use enough gun, yes, and that refers to your ability to first understand the anatomy of your prey and then to put the bullet where it will count. This season I went from a muzzloadeing rifle firing patched 50 caliber ball down to a 44 percussion revolver on deer, and that pistol was still somewhat over-kill *for the shot taken*. It’s like they say in IPSC; you can’t miss fast enough to win. Likewise, you can’t but a big enough bullet in the wrong place to get an instant stop. Not from any man-carried gun you can’t.

  8. Drake Says:

    I tend to steer clear of dangerous animals – not pull my boat up to within a few feet of them to tempt them into eating me.

    Not sure how thick a gator skull is. I wouldn’t want to depend on one to penetrate a bear’s skull. If it deflects off, I just made him mad.