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A civil rights victory

Ezell went for the good guys in Chicago. At issue was the city’s attempt to, effectively, ban shooting ranges within the city. And restricting use of ranges to those over the age of eighteen. Sebastian picked up on something I think is important:

What really pleases me is that the judges took note that the zoning rules allowed law enforcement ranges on any commercial property, and the city notes those ranges operated safely. They looked at that and balked at how that argument wouldnt apply somehow to civilian shooting ranges. In a small way, they looked at police exemptions and called bullshit on it. This is what I think courts should do. If they are exempting the cops, something is fishy.

Indeed. I’ve never understood what sort of professional training the police in Tennessee get to exempt them from the texting and driving laws.

The judge who issued the decision is on Trump’s short list for The Supreme Court. Good.

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