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Or they could just go to Nevada

California gun owners brace for shortages, price hikes under new ammo regs.

Seems Cali passes a lot of gun control laws every year. When they secede, it will just make them easier to invade.

2 Responses to “Or they could just go to Nevada”

  1. BigFire Says:

    Unfortunately Nevada got corrupted by the refugee from California who tried to escape from the stupid laws we have here, only to vote in the same idiot that enacts it. Their new gun registration law is 100% unenforceable due to the state telling the Fed to do their job.

    As I’ve said many times, I’m not moving out of California, I’m taking one for the country.

  2. seerak Says:

    They already have those agricultural checkpoints looking to stop fruit importation, originally set up because of the Medfly issue in the 80’s, but I doubt they’ll repurpose those. The imagery is too obvious and the lawsuits would fly.

    I expect them to simply go with the forfeiture model – make it profitable for border county law enforcement to go fishing for ammunition “smugglers” coming in from out of state. That avoids the imagery issue and takes care of the fact that those checkpoints (particularly the one on I-15 near Yermo) are easily bypassed.

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