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About the claim of over 200 school shootings

Bob Owens:

If I have not miscounted along the way (and it is possible that I may have done just that by one or two or three), Everytown has claimed a grand total of 203 school shootings since Sandy Hook.

Of those, 75 seem to meet a generous definition of that term, which includes on campus student housing (the dorm rule), even well after hours and on weekends and even when students arent involved).

Of those 203 school shootings, only 44 meet the common perception of a school shooting, where someone came to a school campus to shoot faculty, staff, or students.

If their cause is so righteous, why do they have to lie?

2 Responses to “About the claim of over 200 school shootings”

  1. Joe Huffman Says:


  2. Lyle Says:

    “If their cause is so righteous, why do they have to lie?”

    Maybe you’re not quite getting it.

    In their minds, their cause is so righteous that lying for that cause is not only OK, but laudable. They’re at war with Judeo/Christian civilization, and not only is all fair in war, deception is an important and valuable weapon which only a fool would avoid. All militaries keep secrets and engage in active deception. In the authoritarian (sociopathic) mind, principles, morals and standards are valuable only to the extent that they limit, or can be used to limit, the enemy (us), or can serve as a cloak for the authoritarian.

    “Courage” — Dan Rather, after being caught promoting a forged letter to frame G.W. Bush. He’s saying to his comrades, “Keep it up. I got caught, I’m a casualty of war, but you keep up the fight.” The only “remorse” is in having failed in the lie and thus in the mission, and in having to play along with the “punishment”. He’s a martyr, not a shitbag liar.

    In their minds, honesty is for stupid suckers, losers, or backward, ignorant, Bible-thumping bumpkins. Progressives count themselves superior for not being so self-limiting. I believe Karl Marx spelled it all out explicitly, saying that because sin is a construct invented by the backward and the superstitious, there is in reality no sin. The American Progressives then re-iterated it several times over the generations. In the 1960s they came up with “Do what you feel” and “If it feels good, do it”, etc. Same meaning. Bill Ayers embodied that sentiment in his famous quote, “Guilty as hell, free as a bird”. He smiled and was proud when he said it. They’re at war, and you fuck over the enemy any way and every way you can get away with, and, win or lose, there is absolutely no shame in it because the fight must be fought.

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