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Do the right thing. Get suspended for it.

12 year old finds a knife at school. Reports it. Gets suspended.

Zero intelligence.

6 Responses to “Do the right thing. Get suspended for it.”

  1. Lyle Says:

    They’re doing him a favor. The kid’s parents should do him an additional favor and get him out of the stupid hell hole entirely.

    When my daughter finally got kicked out of high school, there was a fleeting moment of frustration and sense of injustice, until I realized that we should have pulled her out of that shithole much sooner.

  2. wizardpc Says:

    I got expelled my senior year, and without going into the very, very long backstory the excuse they used was that I had brought a weapon to school.

    That weapon was a tire iron. In my car. Next to my spare tire and jack.

    Apparently they were expecting to find a gun or a bomb, and they had already called the superintendent and the media before pulling me out of class in handcuffs and searching my car. They had made such a big deal about it that I had to be punished for…something.

    And that, gentlemen, is how I became a libertarian.

  3. Patrick Says:

    It’s a culture thing and we’re on the losing end. My kid thinks the most awesome knife in the world is the POS folder that some burglar left in our beach house when the police caught him in the act (pro tip: the video cameras are running 24/7 and my neighbors are not your friend).

    My kid is five, and swears that is HIS KNIFE NOW because said burglar dumped his pockets on my son’s bed as he saw the Police approaching (‘armed’ B&E adds five years in the clink, so they dump trousers when they are about to get arrested). So I gave it to my kid (under my management).

    We figure that our kids are going to come to a point where their values will not jive with those who run the schools. We’re already disappointed that No Child Left Behind means our 3rd grader is stuck waiting for her classmates to catch up in math. She spent 1/3rd of second grade doing jack shit because she cleared out the curriculum before the end of the year.

    So we home-school now after hours. We’re probably going full tilt in the next year. Won’t miss dumb shit like this story.

    Also, during open house the school (one of the best in the state) was concerned that the acedemic program might get in the way of sport activities, so they were reducing homework as a result. They didn’t want to get in the way of soccer practice (or whatfuck).

    That’s the problem. China and India and Russia drill math. We kick balls.


  4. mikee Says:

    I recall handing my High School Chemistry teacher my very nerdy Swiss Army knife to cut open a new container of well-sealed stuff in class one day, and him handing it back without comment in favor of his extraordinarily large and very, very sharp Buck knife.

    Good times, the old days.

  5. rickn8or Says:

    Uh, Patrick, this is what Russia does in gym class:

  6. bob r Says:

    At three different elementary schools in the ’60s (military brat, but off base schools) the rule for knifes was they had to fold and the blade couldn’t be longer than your palm was wide. I sure would like my country back.