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Chicks and guns

Not helping*:

FOX 11 Investigates was told off-camera by a representative of Badger Gun Sales that he won’t sell a handgun to a woman without her first getting trained. He recommends to his female clients they check out Well Armed Woman, a gun training group solely for women.

So, men, you presume, are already trained? This is unhelpful, sexist nonsense.

* Presuming the journalist is not fibbing.

7 Responses to “Chicks and guns”

  1. Gregory Smith Says:

    It may be sexist, but gun dealers have a lot of discretion when it comes to selling or not selling their guns.

    Besides, gun haters are always whining that we sell guns to everyone. Well, this is proof that we don’t.

  2. Shrimp Says:

    My default position on anything I hear from the media now is that they have it one hundred percent backwards. Or maybe just completely wrong. They might have it exactly opposite from what really happened, too.

  3. RiflemanIII Says:

    MSM has become educated idiots. There is also some shilled survey being pushed as legitimate by the MSM, where only 3% of the US population owns guns, at an average of 140 firearms per person. I stopped watching news on television and stopped reading newspapers. MSM is completely unreliable and spins towards their own end rather than presenting unbiased facts.

    I do like, the way the MSM got the “3%”, into their survey however, they twisted that too, for their own means. It is common in a gunshop, if the person behind the counter feels the prospective purchaser has very little or no clue about handling firearms in a safe and prudent manner, that a suggestion will be made for the person to avail themselves to obtaining appropriate safe firearms handling instruction, and at times, that too, comes under the heading of, Advisement.

  4. mikee Says:

    140 guns each??!! I am so far behind, it is not even funny anymore.

    As to training, as an adult white male obviously unfamiliar with guns, I was “advised” and then “strongly urged” and then “told” to take a gun shop’s free one hour gun safety course before buying my first handgun. That was way back in the 1980s in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland. The safety course was pretty basic, in retrospect, but that was useful info to me at the time, as I am sure it was to the other dozen or so attendees, of multiple races, ages and at least two sexes. We were also heavily sold at the end of the course on the shop’s training program, with a discount for those who bought their guns at the shop! Maybe the idea spread since then.

  5. rickn8or Says:


    Dammit. Just when I thought I’d made the cut…

  6. Will Says:

    Any time I hear women disparaged as shooters, I remember the story from the early 1900’s in the NRA’s book of collected newspaper reports on defensive gun use:

    When her husband was shot down by a half-dozen(?) robbers, she grabbed two revolvers from behind the sales counter of their store, and proceeded to kill them all, firing with a gun in each hand. She claimed to have never fired a handgun prior to this incident. (Possibly any gun, it’s been more than twenty years since I read that book)

  7. Ron W Says:

    @Will, it’s a flagrant anti woman message that women should not keep and carry the means to protect themselves against the robber, the rapist and the murderer. I recall Obama in his “gun violence” townhall with Anderson Cooper. He arrogantly demeaned a young mother who had been a rape victim who had resorted to going armed. He told her she shouldn’t be armed because another attacker would take her gun away and that she wasn’t properly trained!