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Speaking of Johnson

It’s like he doesn’t want to make a difference. And he’s given up all pretense of pretending to be a libertarian, either to appeal to a wider audience or because he’s not really a libertarian. I mean, he’s said he’s OK with Obama’s court picks and seems to be trying real hard to appeal to moderates. Also, several of his positions seem to be pretty far from libertarian.

And in recent polls, he’s been getting some double digit returns. Apparently, if he can get 15% in polls, there is an outside chance he can participate in the debates. But he’s refused to go on radio shows or attend events. Well, if you’re only needing a few more points to get on the debate, I’d think you’d be appearing everywhere you could.

Anyhoo, enough backseat driving, more gun stuff tomorrow.

16 Responses to “Speaking of Johnson”

  1. mikee Says:

    Remember how Bill Clinton got to be president with 43% of the vote, due to Ross Perot acting as a spoiler for the Republican incumbent?

    Yeah, that, again.

  2. Ron W Says:

    Johnson is no libertarian if he’s OK with Obama’s court picks who are leftist authoritarians, the opposite of the classical liberalism of libertarianism.

  3. Kristophr Says:

    Johnson is part of the doper crowd in the libertarian party.

    He’ll go green or Democrat once the drug prohibition ends.

  4. Ron W Says:

    Kristophr, that sounds about right re: Johnson. But I don’t see the Feds giving up their unconstitutional authoritarian power over drugs and all other things, like guns, for which it has NO delegated powers.

  5. Fred Says:

  6. Joseph Constable Says:

    Here we go again. It doesn’t matter if Johnson is a libertarian or not. Libertarians voted for Obama and secured his win in 2008. In 2012 Libertarians stayed home securing Obama’s win.

    So why any concern whether Johnson is a Libertarian or not when Libertarians will secure the win for Hillary Clinton?

    Don’t worry. She doesn’t want to ban guns.

  7. Phelps Says:

    Johnson got a gun as a gift and threw it in the trash.

    Literally threw a gun into the first trash can he saw.

  8. Lyle Says:

    The Lib’tarian Party is nothing but a freak show, every single member being smarter and more open-minded than every other being in this space/time dimension. Their candidates will pander to any nutcase, stoned college kid willing to listen. They’ll stand on a soapbox downtown at three AM preaching to the homeless about the meaning of the word “Zion”* if they think they’ll listen, but they’ll bug out from a national debate,

    Nothing to see here. Move along.

    *I actually got ganged up on in comments on Ron Paul’s web site years ago, with tens of thousand of words in multiple comments on the meaning of “Zion”, which was shocking in its total irrelevancy to the issue I’d brought up. They didn’t want to address my point and so they buried it in a sea of meaningless shit so no one else would see it.

    That was similar to the response I got sometime later when I tried to support an open carry movement. It’s not the principles that matter. It’s who gets “points” for being smarter or more oppressed than everyone else, so If you bring up a serious point you’ll be gang tackled until you go away.

  9. Lyle Says:

    “Its like he doesnt want to make a difference.”

    Precisely. The Party consists of an improbable “herd of cats”, reveling in the status of an ignored society of oppressed, unusually intelligent rebels. They’re against everything, but for nothing.

    To win then, to become mainstream, would blow the whole gig. Winning would be a betrayal of the cause. Therefore they’ll elevate only the craziest, most contradictory and ridiculous to the level of nomination, thus ensuring a loss and maintaining the coveted status of the ignored rebel.

    You can’t be smarter than everyone else if a majority of people agree with you and can readily articulate all your “beliefs”. You’re no longer special once you’re understandable and predictable.

    If people start agreeing with you then, in public, you’re forced to change your position, or muddy it up, until they don’t agree or until they simply go away confused and/or disgusted. Once they’ve run away, your oppressed superior status has thereby been reinforced and you can go back to relishing it.

    It’s a pretty simple formula, really, and it almost always works. Why change it?

  10. Ron W Says:

    Libertarianism only makes sense within a Constitutional context of supporting ALL of the Bill of Rights and restricting the Government to its enumerated delegated powers.

  11. nk Says:

    The ’60s have called and they want their flower child back. Sex, drugs, and no religion too. He is not a libertarian, he is a libertine. “The Johnson Who Shagged Me”?

  12. Jim Jones Says:

    As a life-long libertarian, the fact that Johnson is now being pushed by the establishment makes me sick. The man is a big-government lover phony through and through. His VP pick is fine with MA’s assault-weapons ban. Disgusting.

    The worst part is that because of Trump, Johnson is now going to get paraded around by the media in the hopes of splitting the conservative vote. Gary Johnson is the pre-eminent example of the NAP? Where were all these fools when Ron Paul was running?

    I’d rather vote for the fake conservative that is pretending to be unstable rather than the woman who belongs in jail or Johnson. The libertarian party is a joke. Oh you want to be liked and hope that you get a seat at the table? Get out of here. You either live the NAP or you don’t. Gary Johnson never lived it a day in his life.

    I could never vote for a man who throws away an antique gun that was given to him as a gift – Tell me more about how Gary Johnson cares about our inherent right to self-defense.

  13. JTC Says:

    GJ is to Trump as Bernie was to Hillz…albeit by being played by the establishment and by media to hurt the nom winner instead of throwing in with them.

    When that comparison indicates the bern is the superior deal-maker it makes the johnson look like the limp dick he is. Other than being manipulated into potentially handing the bitch some votes I’m glad he didn’t join up with DT, I just can’t imagine any worthwhile role he could play.

  14. JTC Says:

    Zero in his pressie today said there’re more terrorist attacks in Europe because it’s hard to get into the U.S., but the easy access to firearms here for those with a clean record makes it attractive for grooming “lone actors and small cells” who are planted among us while they wait for the call. Here’s the whole sordid thing if you’re inclined to self-abuse:

    So of course we need to throw open the doors to untested muslims, limit our access to the tools to protect ourselves from them, and oh yeah, be sure to make any muslims you know feel all warm and fuzzy for not killing you yet.

    And in Gary’s coinciding interview, he says We should be embracing immigration. We shouldn’t be talking about restricting it.” Hey maybe he learned from bern and made a deal with the devil of his own.

  15. blounttruth Says:

    FOund this to be very interesting.

  16. Ron W Says:

    @blounttruth, very good read. The Libertarians have fallen far from what they’ve been, especially thinking back to the late Aaron Russo and his “From Freedom to Fascism” movie documentary.